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Social Studies Projects For Middle School

Claude Said:

I this appopriate for a Middle school social studies fair project? (would i get disqualified for offensive...)

We Answered:

Thats really offensive,

Why you make that kind of stuff for?? You will offend the Catholic Christians, and you will recieve a F on that for offending the Catholic Beliefs on the Pope. PERIOD

espiecally me, because i am Catholic and i believe the pope is God's Messangeer and you kinda offending me on that kind of poem

if your Catholic, SHAME ON YOU

with the new info you gave, still dont use the first poem, you dont know whats your class ratio of Protestants Christians and Catholic Christians (dont count those whom is Non-Christians)

Ramona Said:

Does anyone know how I can make a model of the Panama Canal for a middle school project?

We Answered:

make a diorama in like a brownie pan or something. make clay for either side of central america and south america, with a gap for the canal. make the clay waterproof and firmly planted in the pan so no water goes under it or anything. Then fill the pan with water. If the canal had lochs, just get pieces of plastic cut from one of those tackle or rock collecting boxes or a stray piece of plastic and manuveur them with your fingers for the demo. boats can be made of clay and maybe painted in clear nail polish for waterproofing. (not proven to work!) then add some clay decor with trees and stuff.

hope i helped! :) (nothing was proven to work, just off the top of my head)

Lisa Said:

Social studies project?

We Answered:

i'd go 2 google & search for images of eleanor of aquitane. i'd probably wear a crown.…

Dan Said:

Project about Egypt for middle school?

We Answered:

Make a pyramid, it has four sides, the base is a square.
Wear a white kilt if you are a boy, if you are a girl wear a plain dress with a rope around your waist. It has no sleeves but the shoulder is covered. Get a rectangular scarf put in on your head and make the 2 front corners meet behind your neck. If you have a colorful wide necklace wear it on the dress. Wear sandals.

Dora Said:

what is a good project for Hideki tojo?

We Answered:

If i was you, i would provide breif information about Hideki Tojo, you do not want to bore the class, and maybe some nice photos about the Event he was in. Something simple but worth getting a A+ for... Good Luck

Connie Said:

this doesn't help me with a social studies project for middle school that is discussing women's rights?

We Answered:

this question isn't helping us either...

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