Spanish Worksheets For Middle School

Julian Said:


We Answered:

Why don't you let your feelings out to another teacher who likes you. They would understand your problem, or ask your parents to speak to someone who is in a higher authority in your school. You can't keep mum, you've taken enough. Don't think this would backfire, definetely your situation will not be worse than it is now.

Jamie Said:

dating middle school :]]]]]]]?

We Answered:

Wow that was long. lol. i think that its really up in the air. he could like you but he may just like you as a friend. i think you should ask one of his good friends and see what they say. but as for what you can do as hints. touch his arm as you laugh at a joke. or just try and be a little more flirty. look at old yahoo questions people have asked on how do flirt properly and go off of that.

Randy Said:

Please help! I'm feeling really sick.?

We Answered:

Even if you don't want to go home, you should.

Or if you can find someone in your class who has paracetamol or something (although in my old school that was not allowed, so you'd have to keep it sneaky).. Go to the toilet for a bit and get some water.

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