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Summer School Online Middle School

Toni Said:

Is it too late to excel in high school for me?

We Answered:

You definitely have time to excel and you can do it.

You may have to just hold through with your current classes because they won't let you take more challenging ones. Instead, try some out-of-school classes at your local community college or look into getting a tutor. Community colleges or other colleges are your best bet, as a lot of tutors need to be paid and not many do it for free.

As for colleges: Most only offer summer courses for high school students, but it may have after-school opportunities. Ask your school chancellor to help you get the class you want, because they offer a wide range of classes in many subjects but not all are available to highschool students. The ones I have taken are tailored for your grade level, so don't worry, you will not be expected to learn college-level material. These classes tend to be much more challenging and fast-paced because they have to fit a year's worth of learning into one summer, so I hope thats what you're looking for.

I hope that helps. :)

Cindy Said:

How do i convice my mom about full time online school?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Joel Said:

If i get withdrawn from flvirtual school (homeschooling online) can i go to school and be in my correct grade?

We Answered:

High school works on the credit system. If you didn't earn credits in the courses, then a high school would not give you credit and you need a certain number of credits to be considered a senior as well as a certain number of credits in each subject in order to graduate.

Perhaps you should use a different method of homeschooling. Pick one that works better with your schedule, where you and your parents have more control. Try reading "Mary Pride's Complete Guide to Getting Started in Homeschooling"--your library may have a copy of it.

And your parents can, if they decide to truly run your homeschool program, decide to give you credit for the time spent so far on the classes and make you just do what's needed to finish those courses (unlike FLVS which makes you start from the beginning even if you start with them midyear). Then it will be up to them whether you have to repeat the courses or not...

Steven Said:

school uniform selling question?

We Answered:

I'd try the middle of summer. By the end of summer, I've usually ordered my daughters new uniforms from our uniform supplier and I wouldn't want to buy more.

Terrance Said:

Keystone Online High School STRESS HELP!! PART 3?

We Answered:

WOW taht was a lot but any way, Learn to love your self!!!! its hard though(trust me i no) its not easy when you have peple always staying negative things about you.. it hurts had for some reason use girls tend to talk it to the head and over think it so much that we belive it. I have had self esteem isuse for man IDK how many years, I still do, but each day I tey to think positive, If I cant love me who will ?? Yea I no what its like to have a protective parent!!!! they want to spend time with you but you want FRIENDS tha you dont have to hang out wiht also!!! lol I thin k its just our parents love us so much thats they feel like they dont want to loose us if we have friends?? Idk but its hard to find a realy true friend. Gurls will always hate, every girl, wether if its you got hair they they wish they had or eyelashes who know it could be the most reatrded things that she hate you for?? And of course they wont admit it!!! Every girl has their own unique beauty to them no matter what any one tells you!!! YOU are beautiful and no one can take that way from you. Offten times we get carried away with out werd apperance, but please remeber true beauty lays with in your heart. Its like when you find your self like a boy who really aint physcaly atractie but you start thinking he is because he is sweet or funny, every girls been though that!!!! DOn't become so dependent on firends!!!!!! trust that someday a true friend will come in to your life and be ther for good. I know what it like when people dont give you the chance to see your real personaity. Ughh its anoying!!! I know what it is like to fail almost every class!! it is the worst feeling ever you get so over whelmed with have to catch up on this and that ans then you find your self catching up one one thng more than the other!!!!!!!!! UGHH its stressful!!!! LOve your culter imbrase it!! lol i ove the indian culter!!! hahahah me and my sister I love the outfits and everything!!!!!! YUMMM the FOOD!!!!!! Dont be afraid to be a loner!!!!!!! if you have to hahahah who care what any one has ho say about you!!!!!!!!! Honestly they have some miserable lives if they waste their time trying to bring down yours!!!!! hahah man what losers people could be!!!!! ahhhhhh..... any way I relate to you & I hope I helped;)

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