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Supply List For Middle School

Julia Said:

School Supply list for middle school?

We Answered:

Is this all for one class? It seems a bit excessive to me. Remember that some of your students won't have the financial means to purchase all of this. I also think 50-100 pencils is a bit much, unless you plan on having them eat them during snack time. Some of the things I would purchase with my teacher allotment would be the scissors (which can be reused every year), the rules, and the calculators. I would also change the boxes of Kleenex to be a "requested class donation item" so that the parents with more money who want to help out will have something to purchase. The same thing goes for tape. If you're going to keep everything as is, it would be a good idea to have time lines for when some of the items need to be purchased. This will give parents the opportunity to work the items into their budget so that they're not shelling out lots of money all at once. I'm guessing you won't need the protractor on a daily basis, so that would be something students should have by a certain date.

Brian Said:


We Answered:

Call the school directly and ask them. They are your best resource!

Alicia Said:

where can i find a school supply list for southwest middle school in searcy AR?

We Answered:

Either visit the school webiste or call the school.

Martin Said:

What is the school supply list for crowley middle school? 7th grade?

We Answered:


all the best

Teresa Said:

School supply list for middle school?

We Answered:

yeah, here is an example list for my school, i'm going into 8th grade too!!!

General Supplies Needed for All Subjects:
Pencil Pouch
Blue or Black Pens
#2 Pencils
Personal Pencil Sharpener w/Cover
Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

Language Arts:
1” 3-ring Binder
Set of Notebook Dividers
Composition Book

2- Plastic, 2- pocket Folders w/ Fasteners
Colored Pens for Grading
1 Pkg Graph Paper
2 Dozen #2 Pencils (To leave w/Math teacher)
Block Eraser
1 Personal Pencil Sharpeners w/Cover (To leave w/Math teacher)

* Algebra Students also need to purchase a TI-83+ or TI-84+ (silver editions not necessary) – Please bring your teacher the UPC code.

Spiral Notebook (Standard)
Ream of Colored Paper (not white)
2 Dozen #2 Pencils (To leave w/Science Teacher)
12- Medium Point Black Pens (To leave w/Science Teacher)

Social Studies:
Sturdy 9” X 11” Spiral (5 Subject) (must be larger size) OR
1 ½” 3-Ring Binder (per teacher request)

*In an effort to minimize the number of supplies the student must carry to class each day, the following will be left in the classrooms. Please deliver these supplies during the first two weeks of school to the Social Studies classes. Supplies will be shared by the entire team.

Team Supplies:

Colored Pencils
Washable Markers (Thin)
6 Glue Sticks
3 Reams Copy Paper
3 Boxes of Kleenex
Multicolored Highlighters (Some teachers prefer 5 colors)

1. Elective courses will have their own supply lists in the 1st week of school.

yeah, so that's just an example list for my school, it should be pretty similar to yours though!
i'd wait until school starts to ask your teachers about the supplies if they havent already given you a list.
good luck!

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