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Sussex Middle School

Tiffany Said:

Concluding Sentence? 10 POINTS?

We Answered:

What a fun, cute story! Possible ending ...

My giraffe and I would have salads for dinner, then we'd watch TV and I would tell her all my secrets before it was time to go to sleep. Having a giraffe would be a dream come true.

Ralph Said:

Please help me im trying to get into this high-school is my essay okay!!! please help it means alot?

We Answered:

very good! argh my least favorite part of getting into any school! well there are some punctuation errors, so fix those because computers dont always pick them up. also read it out loud to make sure its understandable to others. good luck!

Charlene Said:

how would i say goodbye.?

We Answered:

get a thankyou card

Gwendolyn Said:

Question about American Middle Schools (preferably middle schools student answers but anyone w/ info can answe?

We Answered:

1. Unless you're going to a private school, you most likely won't have a uniform.
2. Most likely most people would be really interested in you and be nice to you because you're British and Americans love the accent.
3. Most likely just like anyone else, unless the kids there are jerks and have their own exclusive club/group thing going on.
4. It all depends on where you're going and what school you plan on attending. In my middle school, they didn't have many soccer opportunities. However there are activities outside of school that you can look into.

Steve Said:

Help! What do I do about my sons education?

We Answered:

Before you make a decision, ask your son. See if he would rather change schools and take a chance that he may not be able to do the same extra curricular activities. I would also tour the school and find out what kind of extra curricular activities that they have. He may enjoy starting something new.
I just looked up the academy and they have loads of extra curricular activities. I think it is important to get your son's input but remember that you are the parent and you need to do what is in his best interest.

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