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Sutton Middle School

Shane Said:

who attended sutton middle school in atlanta ga?

We Answered:

wow weird i go there... weird... but theres tons of bullys there and some druggies. one time 3 kids forced me to beat up some kid with glasses. i regret doing it but they were goin to pummel me in the boys bathroom. whatever u gotta do to survive at that school. it looks alright on the surface but its hell. do u go there whats ur name

Peter Said:

We're Having a BABY!?

We Answered:

I am assuming Crawford is your wife's maiden name? I think that maiden names can be so good when used as a child's name. I know a lot of people like naming after someone in the family so why don't you start putting those together. So if you wanted him with something after you maybe Kyler or later a girl, Kyla or Kylee. You could use Andrew which is the boy version of Anna and simply even call him Drew. Do you want to incorporate your parents or hers? If so, what are their names? It all depends what you want and are looking for. I would love to help just let us know a little more info like.....unique, named after your family, very unusual names,etc.... good luck and I will edit and respond when I know more what you are looking for. But without knowing I am going to say...

Andrew Crawford Sutton....and call him Drew

Gina Said:

is sutton middle school good?

We Answered:

it rox!

Gabriel Said:

if move to doraville is it possible hat i still can stay in sutton middle school?

We Answered:

Parents can often pay a fee to allow their child to stay in an out of district school. Transportation might be an issue because buses don't run out of district

Janet Said:

Anyone know Stephanie Leahman (maiden)?

We Answered:

Try looking at or try

Good luck

Donna Said:

Whats next for the Jets?

We Answered:

1. good luck getting Crennel, first the browns arent going to fired Crennell unless they can get Cowher. Most likely Cowher is not ruin his legacy by going to cleveland, a rival of the steelers. The browns onwers have already come out and said they believe this season is an abberration in that they just were hit with the injury bug, another words, crennel is not the problem, we are going to fire him.

2 mangina is a assh*le, and yeah I'd probably hold him responsible, Cowher I dont know what it would take to get him back into coaching. But getting Cowher, would be a no brainer for any team. If the jets could pull that off, they would be better for it.

3 farve's contract is going to kill the jets for years to come. They are not going to send him packing. Maybe he retires, but even before Farve was traded, Mangini and the jet organization asked farve to give them at least 2 years, so its unlikely farve is going anywhere.

4 they need to upgrade the defensive side of the ball not the offensive.

5 Free agency they dont have any cap space left. Unless they get an uncapped season, they dont have any room to make any moves. they are totally tapped out.

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