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Teaching Middle School Science

Marion Said:

i just started teaching middle school science and i need to now some fun facts about the element argon?

We Answered:

Misty Said:

Advice for Student Teachers (Teaching middle school Science)?

We Answered:

Learn names!! Most important lesson for all teachers and the ONLY way to form a relationship with your students.

Try different types of lessons (try all kinds so you see what you like and how kids respond) Maybe do a webquest

Don't feel like you need to reinvent the wheel -- there are plenty of lesson plan ideas out there (books, websites, etc) to help you.

Sadly, try not to be alone with any student (and NEVER behind closed doors) In fact, try not to touch students.

Remember this is the time to get ready for your chosen career.

Network -- meet more than just your master teacher, get to know other teachers, sit in on other classes, get to know PTA/ Principal/ Janitors.

Involve -- Go to at least one District meeting, show up at cosponsored events, help coach/sponsor an after-school club

Join Professionals -- Student teachers will usually get a discount to join any professional clubs NEA, State teacher association, Science teacher association

Sheila Said:

How difficult is it to find a job teaching middle school science and/or language arts classes?

We Answered:

Middle school (grades 6-8) is not a very desirable job for the average teacher. However, teaching jobs are short right now (No! There is no longer a shortage of teachers!) and RIF (laid off) teachers from elementary school and high school are sliding into those positions. That being said, science will definitely give you an edge over everyone else. If you go with SS/History, the only courses you could teach would be SS. If you go LA/Eng/Reading, you could teach English, LA, Reading and remedial courses in this strand. Plus, you could use your English skills to integrate your science curriculum. If I were you, I'd go for LA.

Teresa Said:

Do middle school teachers get to teach about the environment?

We Answered:

Yes, teaching about the environment is part of the overall curriculum for middle school teachers. How much you are able to include depends upon a few factors, to include : topics to meet standards, time constraints, and your teaching ability and creativity. I taught an Environmental Science Class at the H.S. level for the entire year to a small AG class using a college text, and, we covered topics we chose, and were unable to complete the book due to the large number of topics and the amount of material....which is tremendous.

Harry Said:

I am considering changing careers to teaching, possibly middle school science. What is the best avenue?

We Answered:

For elementary school teaching, I would strongly advise you to take a degree in elementary education.

To teach high school subjects, major and minor in two different sciences and take the professional education courses.

You need to sit down with a counselor at the college you are thinking of attending and get an evaluation of the credits you have alreay earned to see how many credits it will take you to complete each program.

Good luck!

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