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Tips For Middle School

Wendy Said:

What are some good tips for middle school?

We Answered:

In less your school lets you bring phones, don't bring it to school. If you must bring it to call your parents or something, make sure it stays in you backpack/tote and its either off or on silent. Trust me, you do not want you phone to go off during class. And for middle school, there's no need bringing a purse. Also, make sure you go to the bathroom before class, because teachers get really mad when you ask to go to the bathroom. They also get mad when you yawn. So either teach yourself to yawn with your mouth closed like I did or try not to yawn at all.

Vernon Said:

dating in middle school: tips from girls to improve myself?

We Answered:

talk more to girls and flirt with them

Marian Said:

Can you give me some tips for Middle School?

We Answered:

From my (a highschool) perspective:

1) Have fun
I'll get the "happy" things out of the way first- it can be pretty fun at times =)

2)Be wary
People change drastically in middle school- no longer are you an elementary school child- people are more aware of trends, fashions, popularity- know that people WILL change. Be on the lookout for people you may want to avoid.

3) Be Organized
Many elementary school kids are exited to have their own lockers in middle school- make sure yours is clean and accessible- its much easier to be on time for your classes if things are organized. I would invest in a locker shelf or two

4) Get involved.
Make sure you join a few of the clubs and activities that you enjoy. Don't be afraid to try new things- for example, if you don't try sports now, you might miss out on great oppourtunites after modified- JV and Varsity

Good luck next year!!!

EDIT: Here's what another person answered.

Copy what other people are wearing, and talk to lots of people without sounding weird. Under no circumstances should you be yourself.

I am a 7th grader, btw.

PLEASE do not listen to a seventh grader- use your common sense.

DO NOT Copy what other people are wearing, and talk to lots of people. Under no circumstances should you NOT be yourself.

I am a highschooler

Cody Said:

What are some books about tips for middle school?

We Answered:


A Smart Girl's Guide To Middle School:…
Only $9.95!

Ella Said:

Can anyone give me some tips for middle school?

We Answered:

just be yourself and try to stay away from all the gossip

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