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Twin Rivers Middle School

Mildred Said:

please translate this in italian! i need to teach this to italian children in my church?

We Answered:

l'esatta data di nascita di Dante non si conosce, ma generalmente si crede che sia intorno al 1265 (milleduecentosessantacinque). questo si può dedurre dalle allusioni autobiografiche nella divina commedia, l'inferno (nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita) implica che dante aveva all'incirca 35 (trentacinque) anni, poichè la durata media della vita, secondo la bibbia (salmi 89:10,vulgate?) era di 70 (settanta) anni, e il viaggio immaginario aveva luogo nel 1300 (milletrecento) , dante doveva essere nato all'incirca nel 1265.

alcuni versi del libro del paradiso della divina commedia fanno capire la possibilità che egli sia nato sotto il segno dei gemelli. "L'aiuola che ci fa tanto feroci, | volgendom' io con li etterni Gemelli, | tutta m'apparve da' colli a le foci; | poscia rivolsi li occhi a li occhi belli. (XXII, 151-154)", ma ciò non si può considerare come definitivo sulla nascita di dante. comunque nel 1265 il sole era in gemelli approssimativamente durante il periodo tra l'11 (undici) maggio e l'11 giugno. la sua data di nascita è ritenuta probabile verso la fine di maggio da Robert Hollander in "Dante" nel dizionario del medioevo, volume 4.

riassumendo, molti studiosi della vita di dante credono che sia nato tra metà maggio e metà giugno del 1265, ma ci sono pochesperanze di conoscere la data esatta.
non si sa molto dell'educazione di dante, e si presume che studiasse a casa. si sa che studiò la poesia toscana, al tempo in cui la scuola siciliana, un gruppo culturale siciliano, divenne nota in toscana.

Juan Said:

teens! need a quick idea of what u think abt this part from my book!?

We Answered:

its really good so far. end the chapters where YOU think they belong. after all its your book... um right here at this sentence "the pain shot through her like an electric" it should be me..or atleast thats what i think b.c it seems your writing from the girls point of view..anyway...if you'd like me to help you edit and do feed back email me @ [email protected]

Velma Said:

What do you think about the 60yr. old woman who gave birth to twins?

We Answered:

I agree, it is going to be very hard on the kids and the parents. I am only 27 and my 3 kids wear me out!! By the end of the day, I am absolutely exhausted, so I do not see how a 60 year old woman can keep up with children so young. You are right about the older siblings too, they will probably end raising those twins and that's not fair for either party involved. I personally think to have a children at that old of an age is a very selfish thing to do. It seems as if there was absolutely no thought about what kind of life that these babies are going to have. They will probably grow up with parents who will become too sick to do anything with them and possibly die while the children are still very young. Also their children will never know their grandparents and that's sad. I know how much my kids adore their grandparents. This kind of stuff is just silly, but what can you do?

Crystal Said:

I write a lot of short stories and i want some comments on them.. no ones read them yet so...?

We Answered:

Wow, this is a tough one to critique. I'm truly amazed. I usually try and find something positive to say about every story I read. In this case I'm really sorry but I just can't find anything. The grammar and spelling are terrible. There is no rhythm to your writing. Your characters are one dimensional. The story is far-fetched and not particularly interesting. On this one, you might want to consider just starting from scratch.

Chad Said:

baby name game!!!....?

We Answered:

1. Ethan Charles Greene (Husband)
2. Connor William (William is my dad's middle name)
3. Joseph Hunter Aldrich (2nd Hubby)
4. Riley Benjamin
5. Asher Lucas & Melody Charlotte
6. Katherine Sophia
7. Jasper -- Golden Retriever & Beatrice -- rabbit

So I have:
Connor, Riley, Lucas, Melody, & Katey ?

This was fun! Can you make another one, please :)
??????? ????.

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