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Union Middle School

June Said:

hey who's in wayland union middle school in michigan-wayland?

We Answered:

I am cause i am u

love me

Amanda Said:

does anyone go to union middle school san jose california?

We Answered:

nope. sorry.


Debbie Said:

When do they send out schedules? for union middle school.?

We Answered:

Well most schools (that I know of) don't mail them out because they may get lost in the mail or something. Most schools have a open house a few days before school and usually give them out there. If a student can't make it to the open house then they can get it on the first day of school. If you are unsure on how your school does this just give them a call and ask. I hope this helps.

Clarence Said:

Colors of Union Grove Middle school?

We Answered:

this is Rugby Union, not soccer, wrong section

Lawrence Said:

what is the history of union middle school located in san jose california?

We Answered:

You can find some information about the history of the school at the Union School District web site:…

Ann Said:

Is union avenue middle school required to wear uniforms?!?

We Answered:

IDK go to the website why do you care you dont have to wear it

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