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Walker Middle School

Felicia Said:

Walker Middle School on the news?

We Answered:

I missed the rape, but found the bullying and sexual assault of the boy.

Quite disturbing.…

Irene Said:

who goes to cane creek middle school?

We Answered:

wow shes a nice teacher but its been some time i v seen her

Mathew Said:

arw there any reviews on E.D Walker middle school?

We Answered:

Wow. Haha. Little kids are so funny.

Jeffrey Said:

what are the e d walker middle school suply list?

We Answered:…

Debbie Said:

Can anybody tell me anything about E.D. Walker middle school in Dallas Texas?

We Answered:

I go their and its a good school ,,,,,but they dont let you go outside and chill.....

Veronica Said:

what was the girls name ho commited suicide?

We Answered:

What city was this in?

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