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Woodstock Middle School

Edwin Said:

What to waear tomarrow(=?

We Answered:

That's what I would wear.
= )
I luv converse&HCO

Roberto Said:

How do I become a better Pitcher?

We Answered:

The biggest thing to do right now is practice. When you get a little older, make sure you work on your mechanics to keep your arm strong and avoid injuries. Also, work on developing your off speed pitches. You have to be able to throw multiple pitches consistently for strikes to be able to have any kind of sustained success. You will find that as you advance in your baseball career, anybody can hit a fastball no matter how hard it is thrown. The key is having those secondary pitches to get guys out. Also, haveing a fastball with movement is better than having a straight fastball. People will time it.

Dale Said:

How much harder is it to go pro if you live in a small town?

We Answered:

Goose Gossage came from Colorado springs back when it was a pretty small town before the mad growth of the 80s-90s-00s. Even still it is small compared to big cities like Denver, LA, Dallas, etc.

And Matt Holliday came from a small town in Oklahoma.

I don't have tips to offer but I know it happens

Erika Said:

How do I get over my fear of Roller coasters?

We Answered:

Ok i was the same as you when i was in 6th grade. But trust me. Rollercoasters, especially upside down ones, are not to be afraid of. They are truly fun, and are known as the safest form of movement, even safer than cars. Rollercoasters are especially designed so that people dont fall off. A bunch of science geeks or whatever u want to call them have spent a long time claculating every speed, loop, drop, to make sure the momentum of the coaster continues through out whole ride. It is absolutley impossible to break, so no worrys ;). But im sure that even when you have read this u will be scared anyways, or more assured. What i need you to do is decide this. When you go on the rollercoaster what do u expect to happen? I need you to ponder it for very long. Now tell me, do you see that happen to anyoneeeee else? Some fears, are vomiting. NOPE!!!! that was a myth but has been proven wrong. You can not vomit on a rollercoaster, as long as your feeling ok. Wat it is that maks you vomit, is pressure, not of the rollercoaster, but your minds state. Some other Fears are falling. That of course as i said is impossible. Im not even gona bother saying 99.99 percent becasue that can only happen if some godzilla destroyed the ride :P. What ever your afraid of, wether it be fear of your body inducing injury, think about this. Do you see anyone hurt from these rides? I sure havent. I see everyone laughing, and enjoyig themsleves. Rollorcoasters are meant for the adrenaline rush, and by clever people, using the force of gravity to induce a incredible free floating experiance, with the safety of a big METAL CAGE. You have nothing to worry about.

Now even as i say this, you may get scared the closer you get to the rollercoaster. The best way to do this is to hope the time doesnt build up while your heading there. For example, if you are waiting in a 1 hour line, that means you have a one hour conflict on wether or not to go on the ride. If it was 5 mins, you only have 5 mins to think. Therefore the faster on the ride, The less time you have to think, so you wont be that afraid when you go on it. After your first ride of a big coaster, u will love it. trust me i did too :D

TIP: make sure you talk to your friends to take your mind off it. Your first ride wont be ur last ;)

Bruce Said:

Why are peace signs so popular now?

We Answered:

the same reason colored skinny jeans used to be popular.

nowday the "preppy" people think they're hippies.

they attempt to dress in that fashion & believe that they went to woodstock.

I have nothing against hippies (i love them)

Something you'll notice in middle school is something will become super popular then all of a sudden it'll be stupid..

the whole peace sign thing is just a fad..

just dont give in to peer pressure & dress like everyone else just because its "cool"

I was the rebel of my middle school.. (I was kinda emo/goth/punk/indie) and now everyone respects me because I did want I wanted & wore what I wanted.

Mitchell Said:

To switch schools, does your legal gardien have to live in the town your switching too?

We Answered:

I think that you have to live with your legal guardian.

Peter Said:

Can you please give me some good cheers for school?

We Answered:

req.: ask any present cheerleaders or the coach if u need tumbling if u do end up needing it take a class

work out plans : stretch, lift 5 lb. weights? cuz u need strength for ur motions, jumps, and when stunting, running/walking

meal plan: fruits, veg, sweets every now and then try to stay fit

how to:if u need any tips here are just a few sites i recommend……

oh yea don't forget to stretch & be loud use ur diaphragm to try to remember the chant cheer or dance use counts of 8- 5 6 7 8
good luck with everything!

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