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Worksheets For Middle School

Nancy Said:

First day of middle school tomorrow, super nervous.?

We Answered:

Don't be nervous, it's almost exactly the same but more classes.Where i went you had science, reading, math, social studies, and language arts, (one is your home room aswell tho) You got about 45 minutes each class. you also had a connection, like..p.e band, art...ect but the connection didnt change for 6 weeks, so if you were assigned to art you would go there every day for 6 weeks.

Just go to the office tomorrow and ask for your schedule, you might want to go early so your not late to your first class. And the homework isnt really the same..theres more. You get at least 1 sheet from every class (dont worry some classes dont give homework sometimes)

Shawn Said:

Where do teachers get there worksheets?

We Answered:

There are, quite literally, thousands of worksheets available over many sites on the internet. If you can post one or two distinct sentences from the worksheet, we might help you find its exact source.

Teachers also, surprise surprise, sometimes make their own worksheets. But not very often.

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