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Writing Activities For Middle School

Tara Said:

help... trying out for yearbook staff in middle school?

We Answered:

Just be honest, talk a bout how you want to put together memories that will last forever and work to make the yearbook come out successful. Add any ideas that you have, and talk about any experiences that you have. You DEFINITELY WILL have to put in outside time doing this activity, I was the editor of my school's yearbook and it was a very difficult job. I started out as a write, and a photography layout designer, and worked my way up to editor.

Caroline Said:

Are middle school clubs and activities counted for anthing in high school?

We Answered:

Of course. If you have the good grades with the extracurricular activities, you'll have better chances of getting into a good high school. For example, in my city there is a high school called Lowell. Lowell is like a Harvard. It's a school that would look great for future reference. On the application, they ask if you were in any clubs or extracurricular activities. I dont think they would ask that just to get to know you...

April Said:

How do you start a paper/writing assignment?

We Answered:

start with an outline, in it determine your points and note the differences

an outline can help you to develop an overall theme for the essay

first paragraph should summarize the main ideas of the essay

follow that up with the grizly details

end the page with a conclusion

Harold Said:

How should i make time for NaNoWriMo?

We Answered:

A lot of writing can be done on weekends, but since you'll need roughly 2,000 words a day averaged out I wouldn't recommend counting on that. I'm in high school and I get a lot of homework, but I always manage to finish it in time if I work during lunch and nutrition, do any reading assignments in the car on the way home, and take advantage of any free time to work given to me in class. Try telling your teachers, I know my english teacher is giving all NaNoWriMo participants both extra credit and a limited amount of homework, plus some time to work on other assignments in class, to encourage us to write more. You may have to give up social activities, though if you get your friends into it too you can have some fun by reviewing each other's work.

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