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Writing Lesson Plans For Middle School

Irma Said:

I am a teacher and I would like to find either a writing lesson plan?

We Answered:

Please send an e mail to [email protected]

Marvin Said:

Anyone have a weekly lesson plan template online that works for middle school?

We Answered:

I'm a 6th grade teacher who uses an Excel template for lesson plans. Though it only has two subjects on it, I'd be happy to share! I've sent you an email through Yahoo Answers--if you'd like the template, email me back!

Share and share alike, I always say!

Reginald Said:

What are the pro's and con's on writing lesson plans? ?

We Answered:

Pros -
• Your administrators - and your professional responsibilities to your students - require it.
• Helps you organize and schedule the content you will teach so that you know you are appropriately addressing curriculum standards.
• Ensures that you are considering all of the relevant factors for your lesson (plan for materials, student seating arrangements, special needs, etc.)

Cons -
• Overplanning can sometimes stifle your creativity.
• Overplanning can prevent you from taking advantage of spontaneous opportunities for learning.
• Sometimes you realize your lesson plans aren't working, and you need to be prepared to do something else with your students.

Bob Said:

Teaching SOLD Patricia McCormick?

We Answered:

This is one of my favorite pieces of young adult literature! I taught it to 9th grade students and almost all of them loved it. 8th grade seems a bit young to me, but it depends on how liberal your school is. For sure find out how your department head and principal feels. I remember some really graphic descriptions that may be disturbing for a lot of your students. If your principal does give you the OK, I would also send out a permission slip to parents, informing them of the book's mature content.

Francisco Said:

What are the Pro's and Con's about Writing Lesson Plans? ?

We Answered:

For Preschool:

Writing up lesson plans help the planner to focus on the goals rather than choosing activities that are "cute" or solely "theme related". If you have a good lesson plan template, you will be looking at the abilities of the students in your care and base the activities on those skills that you want to focus on. Also, you will have a listing of what you have done and can make notes on the weekly plans as to what worked well, what was too difficult for them, what you observed during the activities which will help you to plan forward based on those outcomes.

Claude Said:

Obama wants to indoctrinate children to support him politically. How do you feel about this fact?

We Answered:

WOW what denial, the first 2 posters really need to do some homework. If you were educated enough you would see this is text book Marxism. Do you people really want to live in an oppressed society? People need to wake up and realize our free country is under attack from within and start standing up to him now. I feel sorry for the ignorance and lack of education people have.

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