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Scholarship In Norway

Dana Said:

How can I get a free scholarship and fiancial aid ?

We Answered:

I don't know if this will help but try
Good luck!

Rafael Said:

How to get a scholarship in Norway?

We Answered:

check out is in mumbai and pune provides all information on study abroad,career counselling,entrence exams preparation like GRE,CAT,CET,GMAT,XAT,SAT,IELTS.

check out provides all information on study abroad,career counselling,entrence exams preparation like GRE,CAT,CET,GMAT,XAT,SAT,IELTS.

Luis Said:

what academic scholarships-business related are existing in the norway currently?

We Answered:

None, here in the USA where you posted your question.

You might have more luck posting to a Eurpoean board. Llike Norway.

Raymond Said:

I need a university in Norway that offers scholarship to international students in sciences?

We Answered:

I'm not sure if the norwegian universities actually hand out scholarships themselves, or if it's all done by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.. it might be the case that both the universities and the Educational loan fund hand out scholarships, but I'm not really sure about this.. u would have to investigate further..

the web pages for the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund: (and click on english on the very top of the page)

There are only 6 universities in Norway, and all have an english option on their web page, just look for it.

University of Oslo

University of Bergen

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

University of Tromsø

University of Stavanger

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences

This link has nothing to do with scholarships, but if u'r gonna apply for undergraduate studies, u might need it.…

Marie Said:

What do I need to do to obtain a scholarship or job opportunity in Norway, I am from Mexico?

We Answered:

School is free in norway, for the most part. So there are no scholarships really. They have something called stipend, which is where the goverment gives you money to go to school. or a another one which gives you more money if you are living away from your parents and going to school. But that stops right before university level. To get into a school here you need to pass the bergense test. It has a reading writing and speaking part. Its kind of long. As for a job you would need a work visa first. Since i was born a norwegain citizen i didnt go through the work visa thingy but i have been talking to my cowork lately and he did. But if you get a job before moving to norway and the company helps ya, you can get a automaic work visa. thats the same with the schools too.

Tina Said:

i'm looking for a school in norway that offers geographic information systems/science as scholarship.?

We Answered:

the last link is really good...


Arnold Said:

do u know which language do norwegian speak? and any good website about scholarship in Norway?

We Answered:

The other answers are only 1/3 correct.

1) The official language of Norway, and the language that all school children must learn, is a dialect of Danish known as Bokmal. This is the language that people normally learn when they learn "Norwegian". It is the native language of most of the population in southern Norway.

2) The native language of the people of central and northern Norway is "true" Norwegian. It is usually called Nynorsk and is NOT a dialect of Bokmal (which is a dialect of Danish). Nynorsk is more closely related to Icelandic than it is to Danish and Swedish. In these parts of Norway, it is the main language of schools.

3) There are a number of Lapps who live in far northern Norway and they have their own language which is unrelated to either Bokmal or Nynorsk. It is closely related to Finnish.

EDIT for Brian_Q: The linguistic facts and relationships of Nynorsk and Bokmal are clear and linguistically proven. Nynorsk is more closely related to Icelandic and Bokmal is a dialect of Danish.

That said, there is much interaction between native speakers of Nynorsk and Bokmal. Your relative undoubtedly lived in an area of Norway where both were spoken (there are many such towns in southern and central Norway). As a child he would have heard both Nynorsk and Bokmal spoken by different groups of his playmates and would have learned both. It sounds like his primary language was Bokmal, but Nynorsk was in his environment and he would have picked it up easily. All the Germanic Scandinavian languages are closely related (more closely related than the West Germanic languages which include English and German), so the differences between them can be mastered by native speakers of one or the other quite easily. But the statement "he could understand Nynorsk" is rather vague. Many people claim to "understand" another closely related language, but their actual competency is that they can recognize a few words, but could never carry on a conversation. I'm not saying that's necessarily the case with your relative, but that is a very common claim that I have tested on many occasions. Speakers of Portuguese and Spanish claim to "understand" the other language, but what they actually mean is that they can exchange a few very basic sentences. Anything more than that and there is no understanding.

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