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Organizational Skills For Students

Florence Said:

I need help with a resume objective for a court clerk position. It's considered an admin/clerical job.?

We Answered:

Yes, it is considered an administrative / clerical job. The duties depend on whether you are assigned to a court room or assigned at the intake counter.

I would end it with something along the lines of "an opportunity to learn, grow and/or for advancement."

Leo Said:

Any lawyers or law students out there nice enough to answer some questions for me (:?

We Answered:

1. Being a lawyer can be a very interesting career, mostly because you're intimately involved in peoples' lives, often at times of great stress. That's even true of "paper-pushing" legal jobs because they can involve contracts that have melted down, business deals being made, a lifetime of assets in the balance, etc.

2. Typically a standard 40 hours/week, longer when necessary. Some lawyers do work themselves to death though.

3. A four-year bachelor's degree, plus a three-year JD program (law school). You can take an extra year of focused study in one specialty and get an LLM, but it isn't necessary. After completing law school, you will in most cases need to apply to the state bar for admission and pass a bar exam. Once admitted to the bar, you are a lawyer, with all of the rights and responsibilities that entails. However, you will usually need some on-the-job training with an experienced attorney before you become a good lawyer.

4. I generally can't stand people. Working with people is necessary in almost all professions though, so you do what you have to. (Another lawyer might give you a very different answer to this one; this is just my personality.)

5. Enough to get the job done well. How much you need depends upon the rigors of the job.

6. Yes. Problem solving is essential, and most times nobody else is going to do it for you. You need to represent your client, and that usually means solving some problem that they can't solve for themselves.

7. You need to be extremely reliable. One missed filing, one missed court appearance, one missed deposition or one missed anything else can be very detrimental. It can easily cause you to be terminated or disbarred.

8. My organizational skills are fine for me, but they wouldn't work for anyone else. Anyone else would view my organizational style as chaotic at best, but as long as it works for me, that's good enough. Every lawyer needs to have some organizational system that works well for them. My written communication skills are quite good. I am not so effective at public speaking (such as presentations, etc.), but I am surprisingly talented in a trial setting (such as oral argument and direct/cross examination).

9. It is getting harder to find good attorney positions these days. The economy has affected the legal profession in the same way that it has affected most other professions. Sometimes it is necessary to be open to relocation in order to find a decent job. However, as a lawyer you must be licensed in the state to which you relocate. That means that, to practice in another state, you will either need to take and pass that state's bar exam or that state's bar must have reciprocity with a state in which you are already licensed.

10. Indoors. It's no good when it rains on important legal documents. Now that Lexis-Nexus and Westlaw (publishing and research companies) have most material available on their websites, law libraries are not as essential as they once were.

11. Do internet research and/or contact your state's bar association.

12. See #3.

13. N/A

14. Teaching... That's probably it, although many employers would probably love to see that a lawyer is applying for one of their non-lawyer jobs.

15. A lot of people are dissatisfied with the legal profession. It has the highest suicide rate of any profession by a country mile, having overtaken dentists several years ago. Lawyers are generally proud to be a lawyer, but they will often counsel non-lawyers to choose another career path. It usually isn't the six/seven-figure salary, high-rolling, never-working lifestyle that a lot of people think it is.

I hope that helps, and good luck with your project.

Christopher Said:

Can you help mee please, i need a correction for this resume plz!!?

We Answered:

I usually like answering these 'correction' type questions but I'm afraid there is just too much wrong here. Many complete sentences just make no sense whatsoever. If you are applying for a teacher position in which you will have to use English then you REALLY have to reconsider until your use of the English language is much better. Students would not benefit from you teaching them. Trying to be honest, and not hurtful, there is no way you would not be considered for this position if you send this CV.

Mario Said:

I am so sad no one is helping me?

We Answered:

Apparently this is from a college catalog; it's describing a focus area for those interested in working in any of the areas listed after 'such as.' The next sentence (beginning 'Students with an interest in this area') explains the skills needed for this focus area. The final sentence explains the kind of jobs students might hope to find after their studies are complete.

Karen Said:

SKILLS FOR THE EFFECTIVE TEACHER AIDE (I need help please please asap!)?

We Answered:

You really cannot expect to put all your test on this site to be answered. The whole point is to test you not this community. I have done one test to help you but you need to work through and do some reseach to find the answers.

Vernon Said:

proofread please?

We Answered:

Overall you did a good job with grammar and all, but I feel that this could definitely be improved to make you come off as a better candidate. While the letter does sound good, you come away seeming more like an average candidate rather than the best candidate. I have changed some wording but have still kept the essence of your letter:

After thoughtful consideration I believe that I, Kayla ******, would make a great Editor-in-Chief for the Talon. I believe that I have the ability and passion to fulfill the duties of this position. Throughout this year in Journalism I've gained so many skills and met some fabulous people. I can use these skills to benefit the Talon and future students if I am chosen for the Editor-in-Chief position. Although I do not have much experience editing I have a strong knowledge of English and grammar and I tend to learn quickly. I also posses strong leadership skills, great time management skills and organizational skills, which I feel make me a perfect candidate for the position. In addition, I work well with others and will listen to everyone’s ideas. I am also very responsible and driven when it comes to getting things done. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that I can put the time and effort in to making the Talon the best it could be. Thank you for your consideration.

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