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Study Abroad Usa

Clifton Said:

I want to study abroad, where can I find a financial aid easily?

We Answered:


I suggest that you visit for Australian Government scholarship programs.

Hope this helps. Good luck for your study :)

Pamela Said:

study abroad?

We Answered:

do It Beacuse If You get a girl pregnant IN Another Country all You gotta do Is COme Back To The USA

Thomas Said:

If you want to know anything about coming from the USA to study abroad in the UK, will the?

We Answered:

The university website will have all of that information

Rick Said:

I want to study abroad after my bachelors in Applied Accounting. Where should I study in USA?

We Answered:

If you wish to find a college in the USA you should truly base your decision on the state you wish to stay in. Although many sates all have great colleges in them to do your degree its more a matter of the type of people you want to interact with. The environment and the tuition are also major factors in your decision. Many people are going to tell you what college is good for you because they are all very competitive with each other over here. I would suggest that you pick a state and do research on it. Because no matter what they tell you every state is different.

P.S. The USA is never full for people who wish to work hard

Leroy Said:

I want to study abroad (USA)?

We Answered:

they'll probably make you repeat your junior and senior year. and depending on how old you are, you may have to go to adult education and you'll get a GED general education diploma, not a high school diploma.
why did you get so lazy?? u basically ruined your potential. but yes US schools r more forgiving. and you can get a decent job here.
whre r do you live anyway
btw..u may need a student visa. your tourtist visa is for touring.
u can go to an online high school, if thats what u mean.

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