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Study And Work In Usa

Frederick Said:

How do i get a sponsorship to study and work in the USA or UK and a Visa? I really need help PLEASE?

We Answered:

Basically, you need a degree and some work exprience to get a sponsor for a job in either country. Usually, people are transfered by their employer, or you could apply to jobs on the internet and ask them if they will be willing to sponsor yor.

To study in either country, you need to apply to the college, and once you are accepted you will have to prove to the immigration service that you have enough money in an account to pay for tuition and support yourself for a full year before they will put a visa in your passport to allow you to enter the country.

Phyllis Said:

how can i apply for work and study in usa.?

We Answered:

she too can come on F-1 visa . otherwise,get a sponsorer for H-1B visa.on H-1B she can work full time and study part-time.but getting H-1B visa now-a-days has become a matter of luck(the lottery system i mean).

Jared Said:

how can i work and study in usa with my little money ??

We Answered:

tuition will be high, even at a public state school. you should be looking at around $20k-$25k per year, as a full-time student. That is tuition, not including books, housing, food, etc. If you only need to take one class and you are going part time, then the price will change and it might only be $2000 or so for 1 class. You will not be eligible for any aid from the government since you are not an american and most american banks will not give student loans to foreign students for fear that you could take the money and go back to egypt and they would have no way of collecting their debt. the only exception is sometimes canadian students can obtain loans, but even they have problems with it. you, being an egyptian, would have practically zero chance of getting a loan unless you know an american and can have them cosign for you. you will pretty much have to pay for your schooling in cash, out of your own pocket, or some other scholarship program that your gov't might have.

If you want to work and go to school in the US, then most schools have a tuition payment plan where you pay 1/3 of the bill immediately, 1/3 around mid-semester, then 1/3 before finals. Not all schools offer this though.

First, you would need to get a J1 visa. Schools can reject you for admissions if they believe you will not have a J1 visa in time for the semeser to start, so you need to have that in hand early in the process. Second, think of what part of the US you want to live in and what schools you are interested in. Find several schools in that area and check out their school's website online to see if their program interests you. If you are a graduate student, take the GREor GMAT test ASAP. You will need to contact the schools you are interested in and get all the info you need for applying there. This will not be an easy process and if you dont have much money it will be nearly impossible. If you start now, there is VERY small chance you could get things going and get accepted for the fall semester, but I'd say very, very small. Look to start in Jan. at the earliest, unless you are extremely committed and are going to be working towards this goal daily, then it might be possible to be in the US by fall, but it won't be easy. This will take several months of work. good luck.

Colleen Said:

Will Master of Arts degree from USA allow me to work and settle in USA?

We Answered:

There is no post-study work and settlement scope in USA. It simply does not exist in the immigration regulations of USA that an international student can apply for permanent resident in USA when they graduate. Plain and simple. What you can do though is apply for a temp or permanent residence while you are studying or about to finish if you qualify, by that I mean if you found a sponsor, like an employer or future family member who can sponsor you. It is a long haul to the green card if you found an employer.

Mind you, you can not enter USA if you are planning on this, it is grounds for inadmissibility. To obtain a student visa, you must be covered financially and have ties to your country. I know it puzzles a lot of people, and the best way to address this is to truthfully wanting to study in USA to make your life better outside USA.

You do not have to study in USA to actually become employed. A better way is to talk to people who have similar careers on sites like linkedin. Do not ask for jobs though, ask for information on the type of skills needed, salaries, qualifications and most importantly introductions trying to reach the decision maker in your employer target list ( did I mention that before you start you have to have a list of major employers in your industry), and travel to meet with the decision makers. It is very much less expensive than hundred thousands dollars. ( for more on this tip and how to make work for you contact )

Another alternative you might want to consider is becoming a permanent residence of Canada, this way you are in a better strategic position to land your job of your dreams in Canada. USA and Canada have close ties and it has proven to be useful in employment.

let me know how things turned out and if my advice worked out for you, and please leave feedback and comments.

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