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Study Chinese In Shanghai

Gladys Said:

teach english/jobs in japan, but i live in china?

We Answered:

Teaching English is your best bet if you want to live in Japan. Most places will accept you as long as you have a bachelor's degree, often with or without teaching experience, so that would help you.

I would suggest writing to the companies and explaining what you just did here. Explain that you currently live in China but that you are American, and you are interested in teaching at their school. Ask them to send you information, and mention that you noticed that they will fly people from America for free, and you wonder if the same can be done from China should you be accepted. Chances are they'd be willing to do it as long as you had all the right paperwork. Flights to and from China are cheaper than American ones.

One thing you might have to do, however, is fly to Japan at some point on your own expense to do an interview. Most companies have certain dates that they go to several locations in America (or other English-speaking countries they recruit from) and interview all the prospective candidates. As you are not living in America and they probably won't have an interview location in China (unless they recruit from there as well), you might have no choice but to fly to Japan for one. You can probably get a really good deal on the trip, though.

I know this is probably ridiculously obvious, but just in case, I'm also going to say when you write to them be sure to check your grammar first. I figure you're not here simply because it's a casual format, though, but figure I should mention it just in case. ;)

Mae Said:

Chinese native living in Shanghai for chat partnering?

We Answered:

You should check out the forums on There are a lot of expats and locals posting information about living there and its a good place to get connected to alot of things going on.

Roger Said:

Are there any organisations that will give me money to pay for a college trip to Shanghai?

We Answered:

Not that I have heard of. You should go and speak to an adviser in a local College or University for some guidance.

Louis Said:

How do I get an extension for my Chinese Tourist Visa?

We Answered:

Visa extension applications are received at the Entry and Exit Administration Bureau, 100 Minsheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai. Take the # 2 subway line to the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station, exit the station and walk eastbound 1/2 mile. The Administration building will be on your right, go to the 3rd floor. The usual wait is 1 to 2 hours, so bring a book.

You need to bring your passport, temporary residence registration form, and a 2" x 2" color photo of yourself. You will complete an application form at the facility. Also bring any supporting documentation, such as a letter of invitation from your host.

30 to 90 day tourist "L" visa extensions are routinely granted. You may pick up your passport, with its new visa stamp, in one week and the fee is around 900 yuan.

Once you have your new visa, then you need to visit your neighborhood police station and update your temporary residence registration. Bring your passport and photocopies of its cover page (where your picture is) and the page with the new visa stamp. This is a purely administrative process and takes 5 minutes.. It is unnecessary to register with the police if you live in a hotel.

The previous respnder's advice to, "go to the nearest PSB", for a visa renewal is incorrect. The responder has no knowledge of China, but he pretends to.

Norman Said:

What Chinese city would you recommend for an American student to study abroad in?

We Answered:

Shanghai is more cosmopolitan and I think have a higher number of westeners (chinese version of San Francisco mixed with new york). Beijing is also a good city with plenty of universities to study in (and the olympics is being held there next year). Hong Kong is not really a good choice if your plan is to study mandarin, since english is widely used and cantonese is the spoken dialect on the streets, so you'll just end up confused.

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