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Study In America

Jerry Said:

What is the best University for internationals hoping to study in America?

We Answered:

Choose a Liberal Arts College such as Bowdoin or Wellesley.

Ronnie Said:

Are there any Scholarships or Sponsors for a Student from China to Study in America?

We Answered:


I've recently found a site that offer you to get $10,000 scholarship.Go and register now.Registration is free.

Lawrence Said:

Do i need a F-1 or any kind of Visa to study in America as a Canadian Student?

We Answered:

while you dont need an entry visa - you DO need a student visa.

Contact the international office of the school and they will tell you what to do.

Nina Said:

Where is a good cheap place for a Brit to go and study in America?

We Answered:

Undergraduate study in the US will be very expensive comparitively. Even the fees for international students to study in the UK are less than what it costs to study in the US. Either go on exchange or wait until postgraduate study when the school will pay you a little bit to come there.

Felicia Said:

is a transit visa convertible to a students visa if one really wants to study in america?

We Answered:

No, you can't adjust to student status in the US, you have to go home and apply there. Of course. first you need to be accepted by a school and they need to do the paperwork. If you're out of status, you can't adjust to any other status in the US. If you remain in the US out of status for more than 6 months, you be barred from receiving a visa for 3 years. If you're here illegally for over a year, you'll be barred from receiving a visa for 10 years. So, if you really want to be a student here, the best advice is to go home and do what you should have done to begin with, before you make that impossible.

Dorothy Said:

I am a student in Australia but I really want to study in America, what do I have to do to make it?

We Answered:

Start thinking like a student from a top high school, and go to the college websites. They all have information for international students, including what grades etc you need.

Jean Said:

How can people afford to Study in America?

We Answered:

good question, i think that some of them are given scholarships so they can study abroad and the company will pay for them to study... however these are usually in luxury jobs such as football scholarships or lawyer scholarships, i doubt they would do it for Nursing

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