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Study In Canada Universities

Glenn Said:

Do you need a sponsor to study in Canada?

We Answered:

I know my friend's daughter, from the US, attend a Canadian University and did not need a sponsor. But, to be sure, check on the website of the school she is interested in, under International Students admissions - any requirements should be there!

Carole Said:

What's the best college to study pre-university in Canada ?

We Answered:

You can go straight to university, it is not necessary to go to college first. If you wanted to go to college first it would depend on what you were going to major in.

Thomas Said:

What are good universities in Ontario,Canada to study Business?

We Answered:

Ryerson, Brock, York, Waterloo...lots of schools.

Sheila Said:

I would like to study outside of Canada,where can I go to ask about transfer undergraduates?

We Answered:

Anywhere abroad that you could get a cheap degree, the degree would not be worthwhile. Get your degree in Canada

Brenda Said:

Best university to study Geography in Canada?

We Answered:

Define "good" liberal arts courses. Is there something that would qualify a program as "bad?"

Visit the sites for the three schools you site and evaluate, based on your needs, which would be best. It's hardly up to any of us, none of whom knows anything about you, to decide where you go to school.

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