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Study In Germany In English

Florence Said:

Study BCA in Germany?

We Answered:

What is BCA? Computer application?

Brett Said:

I would like to study in an English speakin university in Germany . Are there any with dorms ? ?

We Answered:

Good luck!!!!!

Carolyn Said:

where can i study English literature?

We Answered:

NO, in almost every country in the world thay have this course...but in Germany u gotta learn Dutch too....

Nathaniel Said:

Are there any universities in Germany where one can study in English?

We Answered:

Oh yes, there are quite a few univs which have courses in 'only English' in fact..
You can check out for univs and courses in
Go to the link and chk out the English version of it.

Also of help will be

Hope this helped.

Rose Said:

how to study in Germany when I have no money?

We Answered:

I know this is hard to find on the internet but keep trying.
One suggestion is to go to

in the meantime since you speak 5 languages if you need to earn some money translating things for people try
Its a website where freelance writers and artists go to perfect their work and sometimes need translations

Good luck

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