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Study In Usa For International Students

Walter Said:

Can international students get tax free purchase in USA?

We Answered:

No. The US does not have a national-rate VAT system. Sales taxes are not refundable for international visitors.

Naomi Said:

looking for information about scholarships for international students to study medicine in EU,USA,Canada,Aus

We Answered:

Having the GCE is not enough just to get into Univeristy. You need at least three A's levels to gain entry to any University.

Lena Said:

Grants for international students looking to study Communications, P.R. in the USA?

We Answered:

I'd recommend filling out a yearly FAFSA.

Daryl Said:

Does the US deal Canadian students who pursue their studies in the USA as International students?

We Answered:

Sorry Canadian citizens get no added benefits from those of any other nation. You may be eligible for some scholarships, particularlly using private funds or at private schools, and many schools do actively seek international students and provide aid. However, US Government funded aid programs such as student loans or Pell grants are not available. I am not clear whether work-study funds are available, but contact the school you are interested in and they will be able to tell you everything.

Franklin Said:

Studying in the USA for international students- Excellent IGCSE results, not so good GPA!!!?

We Answered:

You can DEF get a scholarship for 600 hours of community service. Ask your school for all of the scholarship oppertunities, and also find them online.

To live in college campuses in the US? It ranges from $12,000 - $40,000 a year. It doesn't depend on the state, it depends on the college.

Beatrice Said:

Where do i find scholarships for international students studying in the USA?

We Answered:

There is a specific section that is featured on fastweb today about international grants and scholarships.

You should also check with a financial aid advisor where you attend school. Some schools also have international student clubs and departments that specialize in resources for the international student.

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