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Study Island Math

Amanda Said:

Math Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

0 < (5/8) ÷ n < 1

just plug 1 in and solve

5/8 ÷ (1) = 5/8, thus anything greater than 1 for n would be less than 5/8

also, 5/8 ÷ 1 cant be less than 0, because there are no negative numbers.


Jerry Said:

help me with study island? grade 8?

We Answered:

try your teacher

Penny Said:

how do you round decimals to the nearest tenth?

We Answered:

if a number for instance was 2.713 you would round it to the tenth by looking at hte number to the right of the tenth place. In this case the number is 3. Three is not bigger than 5 so the number stays the same. So your answer is 2.71.

If your number is 4.567 you look at the number to the right of the tenth place. This number is 7. Since 7 is bigger than 5 you round the 10th decimal place up to 7. So now your number is 4.57

Sam Said:

Does a teacher have a right to keep students out of graduation prepreation when the student is not failing?

We Answered:

It sounds like your math teacher is infact a pessimist who enjoys threatening students and that based on the extra info you posted about your intelligence you are a smart person

Rita Said:

Help me study for final please!!!!?

We Answered:

To answer this question I must make several assumptions.

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