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Study Medicine In Australia

Sylvia Said:

What is the best university to go to in Australia if studying Medicine?

We Answered:

melbourne uni is great, but these days you won't be able to do Medicine without getting a science degree or bioscience degree there.
Also Bond University in Queensland is great too, however it's much more intense, as you complete the course in 4.6 years but its trimesters, (i think).
There are alot of options, it's really best to go to your Careers help if you have one at your school, they'll be able to provide you with all the information you need (e.g. ENTER score etc etc).
Hope that helps

Vanessa Said:

how much does it cost to study medicine pg in australia?

We Answered:

50 ps

Clayton Said:

Is it possible to get a fully paid scholarship to study medicine in Australia for non Australian citizens.?

We Answered:

No - not from an Australian organisation (perhaps from your own country if there is a scheme).

Australians are not eligible for a scholarship for any undergraduate/postgraduate coursework degree unless they are at Duntroon/UNSW which is a military university division of UNSW (and medicine is not a degree there). The government gives Australian students an allowance (AUSTUDY) while at university and all degrees are on a HECS (payback loan scheme) so there is no need for non-PhD scholarships in Australia (and is one of the reasons why Austudy exists)..

Alan Said:

i am asian and want to study medicine in australia HELP?

We Answered:

To compare costs look at . Australian government has the official website to sort out things for foreigners. Look at Look for their offices in your nation If you are interested, you must also go through since it is the US government's official site for foreigners opting for American education. As for the UK, is your sole resort for everything you need. All the best!

Terrance Said:

How much does it cost to study in australia university?

We Answered:

It probably depends on the universtiy, but international students have to pay their study fees upfront as soon as they get the bill each semester, and I think it costs more than for Australians. I am an australian uni student and my uni fees are going to be around $30,000 (AU). Usually the course page on the website of the particular university tells you how much it costs for international students. Maybe you could even get a scholarship?

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