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Study Medicine In Usa

Virgil Said:

Is it possible to study internal medicine in USA with H4 visa from India?

We Answered:


Good Luck!!!

Enrique Said:

is it best to study medicine in usa or canada?

We Answered:

it is cheaper to study medicine outside of the US usually but only if you're going to countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Canada probably isn't much cheaper. It is also easier to get into med school outside of the US but again, Canada probably isn't easier. The length of the program must be 4 years if you want to be a doctor in the US, you can't really shorten it. I would suggest staying in the US because then it removes any chance of not completing all prerequisites. Also, schools in the US are harder to get into to weed out people who aren't ready for it, if you can't get in in the US you probably can't pass the test to get your MD anyway. Just stay in the US, being a doctor takes a long time usually 10-12 years. There is no shortening it because doctors need to know a lot, if you are doing it for the money pick another career path like pharmacy it only takes 6 years and you won't work 80-100 hours a week (yes doctors work this much at least)

Paula Said:

what is the best University in USA to study Medicine or business administration?

We Answered:

There are thousands of good schools for Business. The best medical school are Baylor, Univ of TX, UCLA, Univ of Chicago, Cornell, Columbia.

Darryl Said:

i want to study medicine in usa?

We Answered:

You will need an undergraduate degree first-- probably something science-related like biology.

Every US college and university has its own procedure for admittance, but here's basically what you need to do:

1) Complete an application (you can often find this at the colleges' website).
More information:…

2) Take standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT. These are offered around the world.
More information:…

3) If English isn't your native language, you may have to take the TOEFL.
More information:…

4) Get a student visa.
More information:…

You can also check out this blog specifically for students who are studying or want to study in the US:

Good luck!!!

Sheila Said:

What if I'm from mexico and i want to study Medicine in USA? is there any options for me?

We Answered:

Sure there is. Apply for a students visa and find a college here. There are lots and there are many that are inexpensive. Come legally, then stay and join our much needed nursing force! But come legally... please :)

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