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Mark Said:

Should clubbing become a part of school curricullum?

We Answered:


"It is as important extra-curricular activity as playing sports and other competitions" - I think you are getting mixed up with dancing. Clubbing has a negative connotation.

"Clubbing is an important part in personality development" - I do not think so, again though, I think you are getting mixed up with dancing.

"Studies have shown that people who don't party regularly suffer badly in their professional and personal lives" - What studies? I think you made this up. Alan Sugar, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mittal etc.... some of the richest people on the planet are business gurus. They claimed to spend time working, not clubbing to gain their fortunes and respect. You really need to back up your arguments first.

I am not criticising your thoughts on this, but the way you have demonstrated them.

Paul Said:

Would you volunteer for ROLE PLAYING in a Training Session?

We Answered:

I would participate in role playing./

Role playing allows you to feel the way others do. I have seen examples where the role player became very deeply involved and could not separate his role from reality. The other stunts enjoyed it immensely and learned more as well.

Billie Said:

a couple of health questions for a study guide?

We Answered:

11. large or major muscle groups

12. maintain control while stationary or moving

13. atrophy

my best guess

Corey Said:

How do I note on my resume that I am extremely tall?

We Answered:

Attach a picture of you standing with a really really short person. That's the best way to go about it.

Stephen Said:

what do you think of the application letter to college?

We Answered:

Sounds good...

if you were writing a brochure.
My advice is that you make it more personal. Clearly SUNY Old Westbury will benefit you, but how will you return the favor? Write about that.

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