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Study Skills Help

Vivian Said:

What are some study skills that can help me do good on my AP world history tests and quizzes?

We Answered:

I took this last year and got a five. I just checked out the Barron's book from the library and read through it. I also did some practice essays, one of which was the exact one on the AP exam.

Keep in mind that there is a large curve on the AP tests and that something like a 75- 80% is a five. So, you are not too far on the quizzes and tests.

Also, you've got to learn how to write spectacular essays, which can definitely help your score, if like me you don't get perfect scores on the multiple choice. Basically write everything you can think of that has to do with the subject. Remember the essays are a big chunk of the AP score.

For your school tests, I usually just read the chapters before the test and read the corresponding notes from review books, which helped me for the AP test.

Daniel Said:

Does anyone know really great study skills that will help you memorize and understand the material very well?

We Answered:

re-write it over and over and over again, keep re summarising it.
it works for me

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