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Veronica Said:

In your opinion what is the most useless class in high school?

We Answered:

I say gym.

Casey Said:

Critique: Would you hire me after reading this?

We Answered:

Have you tried asking this question in another section of yahoo answers? Maybe the Psychology section?

Sherri Said:

Please review my letter of interest.?

We Answered:

You shouldn't address this type of letter as "To Whom It May Concern". It's a little extra work but you should look up the school or district your sending a particular letter to and personalize it as much as possible. As least have the salutation as some more like "Grant County High School Personnel Director" or "Grant County School District #3 Human Resources" or something like that. Be as specific as possible.
At a job fair don't just gather the information they hand out. Ask questions. "Who should I address a letter to if I wish additional information?" Get specific names or titles if at all possible. Ask for the card of the person you talk to. Then you can say "I talked with Mr/Mz John/Mary Jones and he/she informed me there were potential openings for social study teachers in XYZ School." You need to make your correspondence stand out from all the rest.
Use the To Whom It May Concern for instances where you don't know and don't really care who reads it.

Albert Said:

Help with punctuation. URGENT - PLEASE!?

We Answered:

Hey, I'd hire you! Good luck.

My professional experience has been gained through a varied teaching practice in a variety of diverse school environments. (varied and variety - too close - change one)

My passion for my subjects is what drives me to teach; I believe that this inspires students in my lessons.
This is not to say, however, that I do not believe that there is a place for traditional teaching methods. I always try to use a good mix of both strategies.

On an academic note, I not only have a degree in English language and literature - with a minor in Philosophy - but I have experience teaching Media studies.

Although I would be unlikely to use this additional experience in the more traditional manner, I believe that being a good all rounder and having more than one area of expertise is invaluable in creating a stimulating, and potentially cross-curricular, learning atmosphere.

Some examples are: Gifted and Talented classrooms, EAL Classrooms, and, one-on-one teaching.

In all schools that I have worked in, I have been highly active in extra-curricular learning and mentoring and would like to continue this. Additionally, I have experience in a pastoral role at KS5, having been part of the year 12 pastoral team at Finchley Catholic.

In my plans for professional development, I have hoped to gain employment with a Sixth form college and believe that I have worked hard to become a very rounded teacher in order to make this possible. I know that I would be an asset to Brooke House and I hope that you will consider me as a candidate.

Vicki Said:

F's to A's from high school to college?

We Answered:

What is the first answerer talking about? Do you think med schools will just allow bottomfeeders into their college? Of course your high school grades count!!! Since you had a very strenuous junior year (and I hope you recover from that and get back on track), you probably won't have a good chance in getting into the top colleges. If you wanted to, you could take a couple of years at a community college (like 1-2 years you said before going to a 4-year), get GOOD GRADES and then transfer to an elite med school

I wish you the best of luck and hope you succeed

Priscilla Said:

can you help me re-word this?

We Answered:

I can, but I won't.

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