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Study Tips For High School Students

Kevin Said:

Study Tips needed teachers answer or students anything that worked?

We Answered:

Hi Rafael,

I just went to Google and below is what I copied in a few seconds of searching.

*Taking Notes in Class
In classes, your teachers will talk about topics that you are studying. The information they provide will be important for you to know when you take tests. You must be able to take good written notes from what your teachers say.

Taking good notes is a three-stage process in which there are certain things you should do before class, during class, and after class. Here are the three stages of note-taking and what you should do during each stage.

1. Get Ready to Take Notes (Before Class)
Review your notes from the previous class session before you come to class. This will help you remember what was covered and get you ready to understand new information your teacher provides.

Complete all assigned readings before you come to class. Your teacher will expect that you have done this and will use and build upon this information.
Bring all note-taking materials with you to class. Have several pens and pencils as well as your notebook.

2. Take Notes (During Class)
Keep your attention focused on what your teacher is saying. Listen for “signal statements” that tell you that what your teacher is about to say is important to write in your notes. Examples of signal statements are “The most important point…” and “Remember that . . . “ Be sure to include in your notes information that your teacher repeats or writes on the chalkboard.

Write quickly so that you can include all the important information in your notes. Do this by writing abbreviated words such as med for medicine, using symbols such as % for percent, and writing short sentences.

Place a ? next to information you write in your notes, but about whose meaning you are not sure.
3. Rewrite Your Notes (After Class)
Rewrite your notes to make them more complete by changing abbreviated words into whole words, symbols into words, and shortened sentences into longer sentences.

Make your notes more accurate by answering any questions you had when writing your notes in class. Use your textbook and reference sources to obtain the information you need to answer your questions. If necessary, ask your teacher or other students for help.

Check with other students to be sure you did not leave out important information.
Having good class notes will help you to be better prepared for tests.

How To Study
I don't know how many hours a week that you can invest in your studies.
If you are particularly good at one or more of your subjects, then you may need to allocate less time for that subject.
This is what I suggest: Divide the hours per week that you have available to study by the number of assignments and that will give you the study-time for each subject.
Get manila folders and title them to match each subject.
When you research each subject and print out material, place it in the respective folder. By doing that, when it comes time to do each assignment, you will have information to work from.

With study you will need to be disciplined; each manila folder needs to have the date your assignment is due written at the top of it - use heavy black or blue felt markers and keep your folders at one side of your study table in ‘Date-to- be-Completed’ order.

As with all things, you will need to allocate realistic study-time for each subject with time built-in for a break, a drink or a piece of fruit. Get up and stretch or do something totally different for 10 minutes each hour. If you like to listen to music as you work that may help. For preference, listen to peaceful music.

Look at each subject and make a note of the information you will need to answer the questions or to compose an article so that you may complete each assignment. Write this information on a piece of ruled paper and attach it to the appropriate manila folder with a paper clip on the outside of the folder.

Remember, it may appear daunting, however, when you break down problems into their individual parts, it can make it a lot easier to complete your assignments. Like a journey, you do not have to take all the steps at once; one step followed by another and so on will get you to your destination.

Stay focused on the assignment before you; do not give any mental time to the other folders while you do this; their turn will come.
Motivational factor: Remember, you are doing this work as an investment in your future, therefore, you need to be disciplined and always do your best work. It can be useful to ask a trusted friend to check your work for completeness.

I hope this helps

Ian Said:

Any helpful study tips?

We Answered:

Taking notes as you read will help you remember better, plus give you something to study from. But if you don't want to take notes, you might find this helpful: as you're reading your textbook, make a small dot with a pencil in the margins next to each important item, probably about one to a paragraph. Then when you need to study/memorize, you can find each item easily rather than having to read all of the text again, and after each test you can erase the pencil marks.

Actually, 20 minutes is about all the time you should study in a sitting, so use a timer, sit for your study time and then go do something else for 5 or 10 minutes. And if you scan your notes or text right before you go to sleep, you'll be more likely to remember it in the morning.

Hope this helps.

Warren Said:

High school students, am I being an unreasonable parent? I feel like I am failing as a mother.?

We Answered:

im not really sure how to respond to this..... im 25, but my lil sis went through a very, very similar thing. long story short.... it all started in high school for her (we attended HS together for 1 year, my senior and her freshman). she was a super smart girl, and made the varsity swim team in 8th grade. eventually, her coach had to kick her out of swim club because she was bulemic and malnourishing herself. from there, she turned to alcohol, drugs, the whole 9 nine yards. we took her to a clinic in arizona where she stayed for a few months. she came back, and sure enough, went right back to the way she was. it was even worse this time around, because she had just turned 21. well, today she is back at an inpatient place in minnesota and is still there.
i really cant understand why she does what she does. its impossible for someone like you or i to ever understand how their minds work and what they're thinking when it happens. i heard it stressed multiple times, that its not the familys fault. i feel like i was raised very well. and so naturally my parents thought they messed her up, which is completely 100% untrue. she understands what she is doing..... but she cant control it.
im not really sure where i was going with this. but i wanted to share my story and just let you know that youre not a terrible mom. maybe this story would just.... i dunno, make you feel less alone. its so hard to deal with and it totally sucks. my mom dealt with it in the same way that you are. there was lots of fighting, screaming, arguing..... thats a high schooler for ya.
good luck. i feel for ya, i really do. i hope she can find out what she wants in life.

Jackie Said:

Currently doing independent study in high school, what are my chances of getting into a great college?

We Answered:

You have a lot of questions, so hopefully I'll be able to answer them all.

First of all, calm down. Since you have such a dramatic improvement in your grades (and attitude) about school, colleges will be curious as to how this occurred, so explain it to them no your college application. Plus, colleges care more about what you do more recently than what you've done in the past. So don't stress out about your freshman grades. You can't change them, but your improvement shows colleges that you've matured and are willing to work hard for what you want.

As for the classes that the colleges require to gain admission - you may want to try to complete these at a community college. I think a lot of home-schooled students do this, but it's probably best to just call up the admissions office of the colleges you're interested in attending and ask.

For the SATs - getting a high score will increase your chances of getting into a good college, but it is not the only thing that will get you in (actually, it's probably weighted the least relative to your grades, recommendations, essay, etc.). But a good score never hurt anyone, so good prep books are made by Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc. (check out Amazon). Kaplan also offers SAT prep courses, but they tend to be pricey.

California has very good public universities, so you're probably not going to pay too much for college (unless you go to a private university).

And yes, you can be a doctor if you strive for it. People who tend to become doctors are the over-achiever type (not necessarily with strict parents) since becoming a doctor takes a lot of discipline and hard work. However, keep in mind that in addition to doing well in high school, you have to do very well in college (grades, volunteer, MCATs) in order to get into medical school. Medical school is an additional four years, and then afterward, there's residency (3-5 years).

Hope that helps!

James Said:

I need tips for high school?

We Answered:

OK! Let's try to cover everything!

1. relax and be yourself. The worst thing you can do is to act like a completely different person to get into the "right" group, and then be miserable for the next 4 years.The friends that you have now, if they are nice people, are the "right" group(s) for you.

2. make sure you sleep at least 7 hours every night, more would be better, but don't sleep more than 10 hours. 8/9 hours is perfect. Also make sure that you are going to bed and waking up at the same time every morning. Your body is like a computer, it tends to program itself based on the information it has. Think of your body as a computer, and sleep as information. Once you give your computer one set of information and it programs itself, the last thing you want to do is to make it start all over. This way you will be your best everyday, and your body will be ready too.

3. study. When people don't study, problems arise. I'm guilty of this too, I tend not to study for the little things, only for tests, and only for tests I know will be hard for me. Don't do that!!!! Study every subject every night for 5 minutes. Believe me your GPA will thank you. I went from a 3.858 to a 4.0 just by doing that! Add more time for certain harder subjects and for tests. This way you will always be on top of your subjects and it's great for pop quizzes. I know it sounds like a lot of time that you don't have, but all you have to do is maybe read your notes from that day, or go over a worksheet. And if you have homework, that will count as that subjects study time.

4. stay organized. If you stay organized, you don't have to tell your teachers that you dog ate your homework, or get in trouble. I have a binder, notebook, folder, dividers, looseleaf paper, calendar, and post-it notes for every subject. Binders keep everything organized and in one spot. 1 subject notebooks are great for notes, most teachers require them anyway. Folders that are able to pull out of binders are great to keep homework organized and safe. Looseleaf paper is needed for doodling and is great to have on hand just in case the teacher wants a paper and you don't want to mess up your notes in your notebook. I use the calendar to keep track of assignments and I use post-it notes to remind myself of deadlines. At the very least keep 1 folder for every class, even subjects like choir or band.

5. eat. Most girls at my school don't eat lunch, then end up eating candy later. If you eat, you won't have to get those cavities from eating skittles every day. Your friends also won't have to listen to you complain for the whole day. (i hope i don't sound bitter)

6. express yourself! Make sure your clothes tell people about who you are. Some tips though, try to buy classic items along with fun items. Don't be afraid to follow trends, but do that through accessories, not your whole wardrobe. It will save you a lot of money, and if you ever change or want to reinvent yourself, you don't have to start completely from scratch. Make sure you have good PE clothes, the last thing you want to do is show up to gym in clothes you are wearing that day, or are clothes that belong in a rag bin. Wear athletic clothes to an athletic class.

Will edit later if anything else comes up!

Allan Said:

Straight A students (High school and College level) please help me...?

We Answered:

Do your work at school, I know it sounds dumb, but if you actually use class time it makes things a million times easier, finishing your homework in class or at lunch, or even just doing as much as you can, makes it less work for you at home. Also, make study notes for each chapter, use them to study for the unit test, and pull them out again to study for your final exam. Re-writing your notes is a good way to study if you get bored just reading them, you could even type them up, that way you would never lose them. Also, use your agenda, that way you'll remember what you've done and what you have left to do. Holepunching all of your sheets and putting them in your binder is good too, so there always ready and organized when you need them. Write the date on everything you get, so if things do get messed up, you can put them back in order.

Erica Said:

Tips for creating a schedule (high school student)?

We Answered:

My advice is to give yourself at least 1 day a week with NO activities scheduled. You can use that day to work on tough homework assignments and long-term projects that you don't have time for the rest of the week. Also, it helps to get a planner and write down EVERYTHING you have to do, divided up so you know exactly what you have to get done each day. Finally, I always like doing some activities in the evening, like after dinner... that way you can come right home after school, get some homework done, and relax a little bit. maybe you can have your violin lessons at night?

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