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Studying In America

Edward Said:

Can Canadian students studying in America work part time ?

We Answered:

Yes i think you can. You do have the freedom to do that.Try it ,the worst thing they can tell you is no!!!!!

Leroy Said:

What is the best college in America for studying music?

We Answered:

Most colleges (like the ones previously listed) "classically train" their vocalists (you'll be singing opera/classical music). Although some schools have great jazz programs, they do not focus toward pop/country/rock/etc. You'll have better luck getting a good vocal teacher - country singers do not sing in the same style that you'd be taught at a music school. If any, I would choose Berklee because they do focus on contemporary music, which I think would be the closest to your style (it's also a highly rated music school).

Darrell Said:

What grade would a year 11 be if they were studying in America?

We Answered:

10th grade. In the UK we start school a year earlier than in the US, so our year 13 is their 12th grade.

Grace Said:

as a nurse in the Philippines, what is the importance of studying in America?

We Answered:

so you can work in america,whats the point of wasting money in america for taking a nursing course, as far as i know we have better education in phillippines,unless you want to earn more money, theres no way you can earn money in phillipines if your only a nurse,you need to go to other country to earn money

Jean Said:

all I need to know about studying in America?

We Answered:

The first thing you need to do is decide which course or program it is that you want study.

The second is researching colleges and universities in America that you wish to attend. You can research in a number of ways:

- By the schools academic success.
- By the cost - each college and university in America charges a different cost for their tuition.
- You could even narrow down the schools by location - perhaps there are certain states you are interested in living. If there are then look at the colleges and universities in those states.

Whichever way you go about it make sure you find the right school for you which offers the right course for your career and your future.

Once you have decided on one or maybe a handful of schools, your next step is applying to them. Visit your chosen schools websites and ask them to send you all of the required documentation for admission as an international student along with details about your chosen course or program.

Once this arrives, make sure you meet all of the requirements that they have given you and have all the correct documentation such as school transcripts, bank statements, affidavits and any tests scores which they require like the SAT, ACT etc before you submit your application to the school.

When you have been accepted the school will issue you with an I-20 and with this I-20 you can now start your student (F-1) visa application.

For more information about the how to obtain an F-1 visa including the fees, requirements, application forms and procedures then you need to visit the website for the American Embassy in your home country and click on the 'Visas to the U.S.' link.

In regards to scholarships, there are only very few available to international students and these are usually reserved for those who excel in specific fields of study, so getting a full or even a partial scholarship is extremely hard as the competition for them is very competative.

Studying in the United States is a very expensive commitment and depending on what you chose to study, the college/university that you attend the cost can range from $17,000 to $45,000 per year.

If cost is an issue then I would suggest that you look into Community Colleges. These are two year colleges and upon completion you can then transfer to a State/Metropolitan University for your final two years and complete your degree.

It is much more cost effective to spend 2 years at a Community College followed by 2 years at a State/Metropolitan University than doing the whole 4 years at one.

If you need anymore help, guidance or clarification about anything then feel free to contact me directly and I would be happy to assist.

Javier Said:

How can I find scholorship for studying in america or europe?

We Answered:


There are quite a few internet sites that offer information on scholarships available for international study.

One of the most useful, and one of the ones that you'll frequently see mentioned on other sites is this one:

Looking at their scholarship search engine, it looks like they currently have 1962 scholarship programs listed, though most of them are specific to geographic location, and in most cases, to particular topics of study (science, pulmonary research, oncology nursing, etc.)

There are also links from that page to other important websites, like the US Department of Education's "Education USA" portal. If you're interested in a US education, you'll want to visit that site to familiarize yourself with the visa and other legal requirements.

Similarly, you'll find a link to the British Council site "Education UK", that provides information for students interested in studying in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

That should be enough info to get you going. Good luck!

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