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Studying In The Usa

Dawn Said:

will the immigration take away my daughter i-20 after studying in usa for 2 years?

We Answered:

i think the answer is clear .... yes it will affect any further visa applications by either you or family

Bradley Said:

i am a belgian citizen, recently i am on studying in USA, my passport is about to expire?

We Answered:

It is possible to return back to Belgium on a passport which is not expired for longer than five years.… ..
Belgium citizens could also travel home using their Personalausweis / Identiteitskaart/ Carte d'Identite. I know lots of people living in the German speaking part of Belgium, never have met anybody not to be able to speak Dutch or French.
Any how let me still try to get you some general information about the passport application in the United States. As you (hopefully) know Belgium law requires each Belgium citizen to be registered at the community (gemeente) of residence. Those who are living abroad need to be registered at the Belgium Embassy or Consulate General that covers their state of residence. It will either be done at Washington D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, or New York. Being registered at one of these places you can apply for your passport by mail.
Should you just be temporary residing in the United States and your main place of domicile and registration is still in Belgium you will need to apply for the passport in person at one of the four places since your identity and registration in Belgium needs to be varified by the consular officer.
You will need:
• passport application form… ..
• two signature forms (don't glue the photos on it but deliver them in a seperate envelope… ..
• a certified and dated (notarized) photocopy of your valid visa (for mail application, in person applicants can have it notarized at the consulate)
• two European style passport photographs (can be done at Walgreens or CVS)… ..… ..
The German Embassy has published a good photo requirement page (pdf). The requirements are identical; just print it out and show it to get the photos done.… ..
• the fee of $110.60 paid by money order or certified check in the name of the Embassy of Belgium. (in person applicants can also pay cash, in Washington by credit card)
If you want to have the passport to be mailed you need to provide a stamped envelope for registered mail through FedEx or UPS with your address entered.… .. (in Dutch)

Brent Said:

my daughter is studying in USA with the i-20, and i have the tourist visa?

We Answered:

If I read your question correctly, your daughter is here legally; you have a tourist visa and you want to visit her. This isn't going to be a problem for you or your daughter as long as you don't overstay your visa.

Shannon Said:

Can i marry my indian boyfriend (studying in USA) in USA and get it registered in india?

We Answered:

I am not sure about the US laws but, being you two as Indian can apply for a registered marriage in your respective state with a copy of "age proof" address proof.

Secrecy of your marriage cannot be kept silent. The registrar will issue a notice which will be pasted in the Notice board of Registrar and after 30 days your marriage will solomiized.
Best of luck

Brenda Said:

How can an Indian citizen studying in USA on F1 Visa get a VISA for Barbados from US?

We Answered:

Man just come. When you get here they will just stamp your passport. They will ask you what is your purpose here and you can say that you come for the cricket. Around that time many people will be coming for cricket so it might not be a problem. This is the link to our embassies. Just tell them that you want the visa in a hurry.…

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