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Studying In Usa

Nathan Said:

Can anybody suggest how to apply for studying in USA or AUSTRALIA in details Pl?

We Answered:

Chk out the following web page:

Beatrice Said:

Im from Vietnam and i want to get a scholarship for studying in USA.How can i get it?

We Answered:

Here's a few sites that will give you information about how and where to look for your scholarship.……
If none of these work, do a Google search on School Scholatships.
Good luck!

Vickie Said:

How many People you know or yourself need information about studying in USA?

We Answered:

Try these links:…

Ruth Said:

A permanent resident in USA,studying in Ukraine, will he need a schengen visa?

We Answered:

A US green card does not waive a visa requirement to the Schengen area to include Germany. It is purely dependend on your citizenship. Check the yes/no list for visa requirements of the source provided. If your country is a "yes" you will have to apply for the visa at the German Embassy in Kiev. There are no lanes of visa applicants since the embassy has established an appointment booking system though a commercial contractor VFS-Global.


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