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University Of London

Marshall Said:

Is it very difficult to be accepted into The University of London being an American?

We Answered:

London University is a loose group of colleges with a wide range of academic standards ranging from fairly high (UCL, Kings) to fairly low (Queen Mary's among others). The Times and Guardian publish yearly rankings, take a look.

Although you apply through UCAS, you will specify the College and can apply to more than one as they are regarded as separate universities for application purposes.

Each college has a website where you can see what they expect to see from applicants. I don't know if all will say what an American applicant needs but UCL will probably expect 4 APs at a top grade for example and an SAT score of 1400+. That should give you an idea.

You probably already know that you will need to chose your major before you start. Some majors have pre requisites - for example you will not be able to do Theoretical Physics without AP Physics while others like Law have no requirements. If the application requirement requires a certain A'level then expect that you will need some specialisation in that subject for that course.

Travis Said:

Who donated money to London University but required their dead body be present when the money was spent?

We Answered:

It was Jeremy Bentham who founded UCL, not London University (there is no such thing but several institutions award degrees under the title University of London).

If you go into UCL you can see his embalmed body.

Kevin Said:

How long must I live in UK if I want to attend a London university?

We Answered:

Assuming one of the nations for which you have dual nationality is an EU nation then you will have to live here for 3 years before you are classified as a home/EU students. The link below sets out the criteria that you have to meet under the section 'Financial help for EU students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales':…

Gordon Said:

The best university in London to study media?

We Answered:

Ive heard Greenwich is good for those courses, City is pretty good. And Royal Holloway.

Julio Said:

Which university in London is famous for both its music and art courses?

We Answered:

London Royal College of music and arts, though not sure if its the best one, try looking at the league tables for UK universities. (look for music and arts ranking at the times newspaper)

Ken Said:

Is a law degree from the University of London considered prestigious?

We Answered:

Which college within the University of London would you be attending? U of L has a lot of separate schools underneath that name, some more prestigious than others.

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