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Work And Study In Usa

Joan Said:

How Can I to in in USA, for to live and to work?

We Answered:

To 'Facilitate' in the US. you better have money to adjust to this country. It is not cheap. Well it has the ghetto areas, but bring some cash money.

IF you are hardworking and have ambition YOU WILL GET FAR IN THIS COUNTRY

Irma Said:

The J1 visa for students to work/study in USA... what is the application process like?

We Answered:

This question would most likely be better posted to "Immigration". You'll get a much better response.

Regarding your question, there are a lot of other factors that come into play. Certainly your conviction will factor in, and just because you believe it does not fall under moral turpitude does not mean that the consular officials will see it that way. It really depends on who you get that day.

With the bad state of the economy, there are increasing pressures to enforce immigration laws and standards. Just present your best case to the official, and do NOT lie about anything during the interview.

Shawn Said:

How can i work and study in USA?

We Answered:

A lot of graduate programs will allow you to be a teaching assistant in exchange for a tuition waiver and a small monthly stipend for living expenses. You should contact the schools you are considering attending and ask about financial aid for international students.

Herbert Said:

I am planning to work and study in USA.How do i start?how should i plan?

We Answered:

If you want a job, apply for jobs online.
If you want to study, apply to schools online.

If you want a visa, you'll need a job or you'll need to be accepted to a university.

Contact your nearest US Embassy for help.

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