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Work Study Program

Jon Said:

What kind of jobs fall under the Federal Work-Study Program?

We Answered:

Almost anything you can think of that can be done on a college campus is usually offered as a work study job, from mowing the lawns to working in the cafeteria to the library, the computer labs, cleaning the bathrooms or working in the various departments on campus. School newspaper, deans offices.... anything and everything.

You are responsible for finding and securing the job (yes you will have to interview). You usually work 15-20 hours a week and the money you earn is given to you just like a regular job and regular paycheck for you do to with what you wish. Work study is good because when you apply for fafsa next year that income is taken off your amount earned and won't count against you when you do your fin aid next year.
Here is a good book about work study and all types of fin aid.

Karen Said:

What should i wear for my paralegal work study program?

We Answered:

Dress as close as possible to the level the other people in the office dress.

Dave Said:

what are the conditions of a work-study program?

We Answered:

No. You get a check and there's no taxes deducted. It's best to double check with the School's Financial Aid office to best be sure.

Isaac Said:

College work study program wages?

We Answered:

These wages are federally and state taxable. They are generally not subject to Social Security and Medicare withholding and taxation though. Your son will receive a W-2 for these wages.

Marlene Said:

Will a work study program affect financial aid?

We Answered:

Work study is taxable, so the money you make will show up on this year's taxes, which are used in calculating next year's financial aid. I'm not sure if they account for it or not. Check with your financial aid advisor.

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