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6th Grade Social Studies Book

Ross Said:

Anyone have tips on classroom management and routine for a 6th grade language arts class?

We Answered:

I taught 6th grade for 8 years and these are some of the things I did to make things run more smoothly. First of all, I had the kids in rows and each row was assigned a number. The kids learned to listen for their row number whenever they had to get up and get materials, etc... When I passed papers back, I would organize them ahead of time by row. Then, I would simply hand the papers to the 1st person in the row, and they would take theirs and pass the rest back. If someone was absent, they knew to pass it back up to the front. For attendance, I made a seating chart and wrote each student's name in the proper square. Then, all I had to do was look quickly around the room to see who was absent. It saved a TON of time. I always posted the schedule of activities for the day on the board, along with any special announcements or notes. At the front of the room, I had baskets , one for each row of students. When they completed an assignment or had homework to turn in, they knew to go directly to their basket and place it in there. That saved alot of time with collecting papers, etc... Last of all, 6th graders can be a bit distracted. I found that if I kept things moving all the time, it didn't give them a chance to become disruptive. Hope this helps.

Nathaniel Said:

Middle School Social Studies teachers, do you have your students read all parts of the book?

We Answered:

Remember that your textbook is only meant to be a source of reference, not your sole guide. The textbook is not the curriculum, it was only chosen because certain parts of it match the curriculum. If there are parts of the book which you believe are important, of course you should use them, but if there are parts that are not directly connected to the curriculum or is material which the students will not understand or learn anyway, why bother?

When you do have material from the book which needs to be covered, you can go over it in a variety of different ways. Take turns reading it out loud and take notes as a class, give them guiding questions they must answer by reading the textbook, provide the notes yourself and then do guiding questions together, split them into groups and give each group a section to cover and they must then teach the class their section. Make sure you don't only give them the information but have the students use the information so you can see if they really understand it. You can do this by giving them projects, do skits, write stories about people who were involved in the events they studied, do crossword puzzles testing the vocabulary, complete worksheets etc.

Johnnie Said:

6th grade social studies?

We Answered:

1. Foraminifera
2. Atlantic

Denise Said:

Social Studies homework. Grade 6. Due 3/21!!?

We Answered:

South and West

Freddie Said:

6Th grade Social Studies help, please?

We Answered:

im in 7th grade so i think my answer is pretty good but idk if its any help to u but i will try. for #1 i would say a good advantage of a written alphabet is that people could send messages/letters to people who they cant meet.and an advatage for the use of coined money is that you dont have to pay with dollers and u can give change. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

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