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Effective Study Tips

Earl Said:

Effective study tips for a Malaysian STPM student?

We Answered:

as a student, you should listen to your teachers. take a note to what they are saying. the last point that they talk to you is the simple answer for your coming exam. general paper should be your first focus. it important for you to enter university.

Doris Said:

wat are some effective study tips?

We Answered:

Use cue cards. Write your question on one side and the answer on the other. Read over your notes regularly so you are ready for any pop quizzes. Breaks and length depend on how long you can stay focused. You should try to read over your notes in all your subjects for about half an hour each night. You should study as soon as you know about the test so that you never have to cram right before a test. Have someone (or do it yourself) make little pre-tests. Everyone studies a little differently, but I like to take a five minute break every 15-30 minutes. I always have a simple, non-messy snack and a drink with me. I would advise not listening to music or studying in front of the T.V. Hope this helps.

Anita Said:

A+ students and people with effective study tips please help!!?

We Answered:

What I did in College to "memorize" info was make one handwritten sheet front and back of what I felt were the most important things ie: most likely to be on the test. I went over them again and again until I could tell you everything that was on them. To do this I would first take down notes from the text book. I then took my lecture notes and notes from the text and saw the points that overlapped, those are likely the things that will be on the test. I used those overlaps to make my study sheets.
This method would work well for the 4 subjects that require memory. Limiting it to one sheet front and back makes the amount more doable. Doing it this way you have already added a few more times through the material as well.
The best way to feel less overwhelmed by the amount of information that you need to learn is to have a plan as to how you are going to do it.

Regina Said:

What are some effective study tips for a college person?

We Answered:

(1) Discover the type of learner you are: visual, auditory, kinetic, whatever. There are many learning styles, and figure out which one works for you. For example, if you are an auditory learner, taking notes is usless; bring a tape recorder to class or one of those recorder mp3s that connect to your computer that you can upload.

(2) Get to know your syllabus. As soon as you get it, put important assignments and due dates on a calendar TWO WEEKS in advance. That way, if you forget, you have plenty of time once you're done freaking out... :-)

(3) Find a study partner. This doesn't have to be a formal thing. Just find somebody else in your class, and debrief with them afterward. After one of my grad classes, there's three or four of us who just stand outside the class and talk about our perceptions (and the funny stuff that goes on). You'd be suprised what you can learn in that kind of "small talk".

(4) Keep open commo with the professor. If you have a question, ask her or him. Find out if there's a TA if s/he has one. Be able to go to the prof if you've got anything.

(5) Make time for studying. Even if its only an hour a day, devote it to learning something. There's a sense of accomplishment just from picking up one thing.

(6) Balance. Have fun time, but know when to say when. It should be equal work and play. When you see too much of one, stop.

These are some things that have served me well through multiple degrees. Good luck.

Marcus Said:

does anyone have any effective study tips?

We Answered:

The best way for me to study, especialy things that bore the crap out of me, is to do the reviews and summary at the end of chapters in the text and after having that condensed version go back and clarify any material that you are unclear on. I also find that it helps to put things into your own words, that way you know you understand something and it will pop into your memory later with more clarity. Don't overdo, get a concept and then go do something (laundry cooking whateve)r and think it over then go back to it. Good luck

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