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Environmental Studies Project

Marie Said:

please suggest a good topic for my environmental studies project.?

We Answered:

Cyber Pollution(i.e about the computer ethics etc It even affects Environment)


*Nuclear Waste Disposal

* aquatic and environmental engineering
* ecological economics
* ecological engineering
* ecological genetics
* ecological humanities
* ecological psychology
* environmental archaeology
* environmental chemistry
* environmental design
* environmental economics
* environmental effects on physiology
* environmental engineering
* environmental ethics
* environmental finance
* environmental geography
* environmental geology
* environmental history
* environmental impact assessment
* environmental justice
* environmental law
* environmental management
* environmental psychology
* environmental science
* environmental skepticism
* environmental sociology
* environmental studies
* environmental technology
* landscape architecture

I have searched some information on

Beth Said:

suggest a good topic for my environmental studies project?

We Answered:

for topics--…

*Soil has a pH level. Does that change when the soil is watered?……

*testing hardness of water samples collected in your neighbourhood

Sean Said:

Can anyone help me on my environmental studies project: Plantation programme?

We Answered: Will help you.

Emily Said:

Can anyone probide me a link from where I can gather info on 3 of my environmental studies project?

We Answered:

Try typing a key word or 2 into the search box and see if it throws anything useful up:

The Best Free Article Links.

Articles and essays

Lynn Said:

what can be a good topic for n environmental studies project at high school level?

We Answered:

Environmental Dilemmas. That's what I did.

You each pick an environmental dilemma (max 2 person each subject) such as overfishing, global warming, introduced species, pollution etc.

Write a report and create a PowerPoint with pictures and introductory items to your speech.

Eva Said:

Can anybody help me with a project for Environmental Studies?

We Answered:

Much research has been done on animal behavior by implanting microchips and tracking migration patterns and behaviors of MANY species of animals (and birds and fish). This data helps environmentalists determine how best to protect endangered species, protect their breeding and hunting grounds and create better habitats for them.
Practical decisions regarding things such as shipping lanes (that do not affect marine mammal habitats) or wind generators that do not disrupt bird migration. Tons of environmentally sensitive issues have made use of microchip technology!
Hope that helps! Good Luck!

Ramon Said:

help with an environmental studies project?

We Answered:

there are....

u can write about eco friendly bags,files,scrapbooks,etc.

and for eco mark scheme......u can refer to web search only as far as i know.....there is no link for it.......
Best of luck for yr project!

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