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Firefighter Exam Study Guide

Crystal Said:

Need help studying for the entrance exam for the fire academy. ?

We Answered:

try to look around on this site it's help

April Said:

nyc firefighter exam?

We Answered:

Prob not

Ernest Said:

I need some advice, and sample questions that are on the firefighter's exam. Anyone????

We Answered:

Well a trip to the local barnes and noble might help. In the career section you can find many different FireFighter Exam prep books. I would recommend the Norman Hall's brand. You can also take online practice exams through

Jeff Said:

What are some good study guides for taking a Lt. Firefighter promotional exam?

We Answered:

Know your department's SOPs and read the Norman book, and, of course, Essentials of Fire Fighting.
Questions on these tests can be a little tricky, keep reminding yourself not to make any assumptions as you read the scenarios.
I only know of one book geared for promotional exams in the fire service, but it is almost exclusively for the interview. The title is something simple like: Promotional Interviews in the Fire Service. The book is small and I find somewhat outdated, but it might have something useful to you.

Good Luck!

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