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Free Home Study Courses

Dan Said:

Any free home beauty courses in the UK?

We Answered:

try to look around on this site it's help

Jesse Said:

Are there any free online courses that i can study to fill up my C.V?

We Answered:

try to check on this site there you find it..

Lillie Said:

is it possible to study psychology from home for free as an Access course or a formal qualification in the uk?

We Answered:

In principle you could study psychology at home but you would have to pay for the examination. Depending on the course you may have to submit coursework and, if you do, it will be your responsibility to find someone to supervise and mark this and pay for that too.

When you have decided on which course you want then contact the exam body for advice.
Access courses are normally studied at college or university, these would be planned by and validated by a university or group of universities and part of the purpose is to introduce people to university type study so are not suitable for studying at home.

Kenneth Said:

are there any free self study beauty courses i can do?

We Answered:

A scientist, an engineer, an economist and a beauty graduate are at the table of the restaurant. The scientist asks "can it work?" The engineer asks "can we make it?" The economist asks "can we sell it at a profit?" The beauty graduate asks "are you gentlemen ready to order?"

Stephanie Said:

Looking for a free short photography course to study at home.?

We Answered:

There is more to photography than just taking really nice pictures. That is why SCI was way more info than you wanted. But, you can go to most of the camera and film manufactures sites and they will have links to photo study tutorials. I have included a couple below. You might consider picking up a photography magazine from your local magazine rack at the grocery store then consider a subscription to the one you prefer. Good luck and happy shooting.

Megan Said:

Are there any free home study courses?

We Answered:

There are a whole raft of free podcasts out there covering a range of subjects. Many are actual class-lectures which you can download the associated notes for.

- but if you want to take an exam to prove that you do in fact know about a subject - they charge for that!

The following are a few that I have found to be useful:……

Good luck

Allen Said:

How I can I enroll in Home Study? I want to take a course but I dont have enought funds to sustain my need,?

We Answered:

In stead of taking in Home Study, why don't you go to regular school? I believe there is No, and will Never be financial aid package or scholarship offered because the basic requirement for these ones is full time student.
You can visit here for some useful information (not for U.S but good information)

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