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Free Study In Uk

Warren Said:

Is it possible to study in the UK for free?

We Answered:

I’m not sure about ‘free’, but if you are prepared to part with a few hundred rather than thousands, it might be worth giving the site a go – you can choose courses, your location, full/part-time, day/evening options and so on.

Some universities also offer short introductory courses for example:…

Beverly Said:

Can i study in the UK for free ?

We Answered:

If you are an EU resident - *resident*, you can study in England an pay the same fees as a British student would, which is about 3,300 GBP per year, plus housing and etc.

If you're an EU resident, you can study in Scotland free of tuition - although you do still pay housing and etc.

But you're not an EU resident. You're a Canadian resident. Sorry.

I don't know if English unis offer any deals to citizens of commonwealth countries - which Canada is - but it's worth asking about.

You may also want to check in Romania, if you speak the language fluently. Many countries in that region of Europe offer free or very low cost university to their citizens. For some, you do need to be a resident, but some simply require citizenship, so this may be something worth looking at. That is, IF Canada considers Romanian degrees equivalent to Canadian degrees.

Gladys Said:

is there a place where i can study for free in the uk?

We Answered:

try this

Kathryn Said:

Which jobs in UK have free time, making possible studying while working?

We Answered:

Even if you find a job where there is a small amount of waiting around, that is certainly not going be enough time to whip all your books and start studying. If you did that you would most likely get fired. There are a lot of unemployed people right now who are willing to actually work for their money (shock horror!).

Get a part-time job or, if you're actually serious about studying, get any job and you will make time in the evenings and at weekends to study.

Glenda Said:

may I study in Canada or US or UK for free ?

We Answered:

Funding for international students at the undergraduate level is notoriously difficult if not impossible to get. You do have more opportunities at the graduate level through assistantships/fellowships offered by the institution or program you enroll in. Even then, it wouldnt be completely free but the cost involved would be minimal.

Melinda Said:

Where can i find some free study notes for GCSE Business Studies in the UK?

We Answered:

look here:

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