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Jeremy Said:

websites like study island but free?

We Answered:

I give free free mathematics homework help online. Go to

Click on "Ask A Question" Tell me your problem in detail either through direct email or SKYPE. I will get back to you with a detailed answer. I do free maths lessons in my spare time so I am looking forward to hearing from you. I teach up to grade 10 but Grade 11 & 12 are most welcome. Please also remember to become a member on my website. The more the merrier.

Mario Said:

Technology class for low achievement?

We Answered:

Here are some websites you can tryout:……………

If you use you probably can find a whole bunch of other FREE educational websites like these.

Good luck and I hope you will find this to be helpful!

Victoria Said:

UNIVERSITY ADVICE: Do you study something creative or not?

We Answered:

Do what you're interested in now. I know it seems like a big deal, but I'm in my 3rd year of University and after beginning a degree in Politics and International Relations and Geography I've changed completely. I'm now doing Psychology and Education studies and I'm going to be a primary school teacher.

You can do a semester of what you want to do and then find out if it's really for you or not.

What you study for now doesn't have to be the job you do for the rest of your life. On average people have 7 career changes in their lives!


Bruce Said:

How can I get a free online live English tutor?

We Answered:

Not that I know of, although if there were, it would be a very popular service. In the absence of a free online tutor, keep writing to YA - there's a lot of very clever, literate people on here.

Bill Said:

I need info. on as is there places online to get free tutor help and free g.e.d email help to people.?

We Answered: may have what you are looking for

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