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Good Study Skills

Jeffrey Said:

How to develop good study and hw skills???

We Answered:

- Avoids distractions. Put away computer/laptop, turn off the T.V or anything else like that or even better try to find a peaceful room with none of these things. This will help you focus.

- Be organised. It's a lot harder to study if you are constantly searching everywhere in your house for a textbook or jotter, it also wastes time. My advice is to keep all your academic stuff in one place, try to keep it tidy and at least then you will know where to look.

- Time management. It plays such an important role in studying, if you have lots to do, complete homework that is due the earliest first. If you know you don't have enough time to study, it means it's time to cut down on the amount of television you watch.

- Sort out the priorities. If you have a subject which you are struggling with and a subject you find easy. It is recommended that you spend more time on the more difficult subject so you can get better at it and hopefully reach the same level as the other.

- Responsibility and self discipline. There is one hour before you have to go to bed, there is a programme on T.V which you want to see, yet you have a test tomorrow. What one do you choose? THE TEST! It is more important, you know it and it's is beneficial for you. Getting a good mark for yourself is much more self rewarding than watching the programme.

- For actual studying techniquies. First one is to oraganise all your notes into one place for every subject. Try to write them in note form which makes it easier for the brain to absorb the information.

- Second technique is to use spider diagrams. For example, you have a geography test on France. Write France in the middle of a blank sheet of paper and draw a circle around it. All the ideas and notes you have about it, you would draw out lines from the middle of the main things you need to remember.

- Third technique is using flash cards for help with memorising. Small peices with one word on one side and the definition on the back. The point is to go through all the cards and by looking at the word, see if you can remember the definition. It is like a miny test for yourself.

- Other things you can do is take notes in class, have good behaviour, ask the teacher for help, listen to the teacher carefully and try your best. Rememeber that some people have find it very easy to study while others find it hard. With practice and determination, you will develop your own ways of studying and will improve. This is an excellent skill to have.

Hope this helps. Good luck. :-)

Miguel Said:

What are good study skills for Biology?

We Answered:

Biology is mostly memorization. Flash cards are an awesome memorization helper.

David Said:

Does anyone have any good study skills?

We Answered:

Hi! I know a Marie! Anyways I like to make study cards but you don't seem like the type to draw.Also Iread the chapter sections at a time.One section a night. I type my notes sometims and draw pictures next to the important parts. Also, I make lots of acronyms and just recite them in my head.

Allison Said:

What are some good study skills?

We Answered:

Begin with time management skills so that you halve the time to complete and review your work.

More information is below./

Mario Said:

Can somebody tell me some good study skills?

We Answered:

Make note cards.

Repeat the words in a silly accent. (Trust me, it helps you remember)

Try to visualize the word within your head while you're studying. This way you'll be able to spell more effectively.

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