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High School Study Skills

Jane Said:

in high school theres a class called study skills wat do you do in there?????

We Answered:

You learn things like how to take tests, how to organize your work, how to take notes, and things like that.

Martha Said:

Does anyone know of a summer program for high school students that can teach study skills, note taking, etc.?

We Answered:

try to check on this site ...........

Vanessa Said:

How to Improve Study Skills so that You Study Smarter in High School or College?

We Answered:

1. Find out what kind of learner you are. Do you study better when there are lots of pictures to explain facts (i.e., a visual learner) or do you study better with friends (group learner) or prefer to do things your way (solo learner)? Once you know, you're halfway done to studying smarter.

2. Just as you have a school or college schedule, have a study schedule as well. 30 minutes of study done every day beats 14 hours of marathon mugging just a day before the exam.

3. The easiest way to improve study skills is to pick the right time for study. The brain is freshest between 8-9am

Greg Said:

What are some study tips for nursing school?

We Answered:

Flash cards for your vocabulary words (and you will have a lot of them)
Look at or actually draw a lot of anatomy drawings
quiz your friends, study together

Justin Said:

I need in a tutor in study skills, Does my tutor have to be someone who works at my school?

We Answered:

First off, I didn't know it was possible to fail PE. As long as you show up and dress out don't you get at least a B or C?

Not many tutoring services will offer PE. This is just ridiculous. Sorry.

Dwayne Said:

What is the best way to study for finals in high school?

We Answered:

I would suggest you first tackle the subjects you feel are going to be challenging and prepare for those by probably putting together a study group with some of your classmates... i find study groups to be very helpful... if that doesn't work I like to use 4 hours on sundays at my local library in a study room by myself.... I tend to get more done out side of my home..... and lastly don't stress out finals are not that diffcult if you adequately prepare for them. good luck :)

Alan Said:

Any suggestions to better studying/memorizing skills for high school finals?

We Answered:

Eat Some Honey Every Morning And Night! Trust Me It Works!

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