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Higher Studies In Uk

Caroline Said:

Which is the best place to have my higher studies in UK or Australia?

We Answered:

I would say the United Kingdom. You have the London School of Economics as well as a ton of Universities that can help you in the computer science area. I went to school in the UK for a bit, and their educational systems and curriculum are very well adept and helpful to your needs.

Carlos Said:

Higher studies in the UK for a student who has Masters Degree through correspondence...?

We Answered:

Unless it's the Open University, I would be very wary of a correspondence course. Depending of what you wanted to study further, there are a few organizations who offer bursaries and scholarships.

Erik Said:

Which country should i go for higher studies?USA or UK?

We Answered:

Both the USA and UK have top class and also ran universities. Which sort you get into depends on your abilities.

It depends on the kind of security you are looking for.

Not knowing you, it's difficult to know which lifestyle you'd like better.

Away from the big cities, the US is much more inward looking and some of the "middle classes" are very unenlightened.

Americans have far more material goods.

Everett Said:

Higher Studies in UK?

We Answered:

Hello Friend,

IELTS alone is sufficient for you to become eligible for UK. But I would highly recommend you to choose the best college for yourself as it matters a lot for your career. For more references just go through the link below:


Nellie Said:

Is it hard to live in UK for higher studies?

We Answered:

if u're rich - it wont be a problem. but it appears u have to work and study -thats gonna be tough. food, fees, room are all expensive. its around 30,000 pounds per year.
sad to say your parents are right. but if u can tap on your uncle to provide food and room, then u can make it there.
so u have to decide. pl dont make brash decision. consult parents and see if they / you can talk to england uncle.
have a win win situation.
to excel check

Isaac Said:

students from maharashtra for higher studies in UK completing the MS from electrcal engineering?

We Answered:

there are a few... are you looking for them...

Franklin Said:

Hi I have completed my MBA and have 5yrs of work exp currently i wan to pursue my higher studies in uk?

We Answered:

Hai Abhi..
Its a great idea...

UK offers world class education, and many of the universities in UK are offering various 1 year higher education programs.

Even for the students like you, who have completed their MBA or any other masters program can also study abroad for their Doctoral programs, or for any other specialized postgraduate programs on a specific field area.

As you have experience in Banking sector, you could find a suitable study program that best matches your profile.

As there are several different study programs offered in UK, you may find difficulty in choosing the right course, or ,may choose a wrong place to study.

But you don't need to worry about it, you can take the advice of the professional expertise consultants. I suggest you to meet the best consultants in town, Impel Overseas Consultants Limted, which even doesn't require you to pay a single rupee for the consultation. Impel offers all its services for free.

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