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Higher Studies In Usa

Charlene Said:

When people(indians) go to USA for higher studies, in the visa interview do we need to show big bank balance?

We Answered:

of course,thats how this country works.....your time and money is all they for higher learning....mayby.....good thing your rich....poor people get nothing here and the more they work the less they get.....nice system!

Patsy Said:

why do people go to USA for higher studies when there are good colleges in india itself?

We Answered:

Indian students usually go to the USA for higher studies when they want to be employed by US-based or multinational companies.

Many of these corporations hire only from IIT and IIM in India, so when Indian students do not gain admission to either of those schools, many choose to study in the USA instead.

Jay Said:

Regarding Higher Studies in USA..?

We Answered:

That should be enough time for the universities to receive your scores. Make sure they are sent directly from the testing agency. Also, if you don't come from an English-speaking country (Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, or Scotland) you'll probably also need to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) for admission to graduate programs in the US.

Steve Said:

higher studies in usa?

We Answered:

First, you apply to an American university as an international student. This can be done from your home country. If the university does not accept online applications, then you have to contact the admissions office and request a paper application. If you are admitted, you notify the university that you will need an F1 (student visa) and they will get one for you. You will be allowed to enter the country with your F1 visa about a month prior to the beginning of the school year. All other information should be provided to you by the university.

Kent Said:

any websites for help or gaining insight to select universities for higher studies in USA?

We Answered:

a very helpful site


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