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How To Study Books

Robert Said:

How do you study books? Read details! ?

We Answered:

The best way I've learned is to read the material one time, then go through it a second time and take notes on important notes and summarize as you go. From then you can discuss it with other people, teaching or talking about the subject material is the best way to commit something to memory.

Beverly Said:

In what way does scientists study books for gathering quick knowledge?

We Answered:

There are many factors involved in this. Let's take one after the other.

1. Reading a lot in a short span of time - Some people are giffted with the ability to read faster than others. This means they gain more in a shorter period. There are speed reading courses online which you can take to learn how to read fast. It needs a lot of practice, but it is doable
2. Remembering a lot - Some people have a photographic memory - they can remember exactly what they see. There are books that teach how to train the memory. They also teach about systems that we can use to memorize things.
3. Understanding what we read - This involves having a good vocabulary, as well as getting help from knowledgeable people around. Again, there are books to increase your vocabulary fast.
4. Selecting the right books - From reading the reviews about books, you can get an idea of which book is better than the lot. Again friends or teachers or knowledgeable people can recommend books for you. You can also search online to see which books are best suited for your needs.

All of this needs practice, perseverence and most of all patience. Spend time on this. I think you are on the right path. Good luck with your ambitions !!!

Marc Said:

How do makers of AP exam review/study books (like Princeton Review) get their info if the test is confidential?

We Answered:

released AP questions from past years

Willie Said:

I failed the CFA level 2 exam last June, do i need to buy the new version of the Schweser study books?

We Answered:

The official exam content does not change that much from year to year. I suspect the new Schweser notes would be a waste of money. Besides, using Schweser alone did not work for your first attempt, so it seems a bit illogical to rely solely on it again.

Have you joined your local Security Analyst Society? If not, you should do so. Many sponsor exam prep courses. Some offer full practice exams with realistic conditions.

Make sure to read any articles that are new for this year.

There are very few fact patterns for Ethics questions. Make sure to know past questions cold because questions can repeat verbatim. Easy points.

Do every practice exam you can.

Best of luck.

Edward Said:

How to study books and books of theory?

We Answered:

well, it depends on the subject. But generally, you must always start with a summary. A general overview (a simple paragraph) of the essential points in the writing. then, you do an analasys of the writing. Are the authors points valid. If so, explain or think to yourself why. If not, what are the pocketholes in the theory. Once you understand all this, your good to go. its really simple.

Chester Said:

Do using those SAT study books really help your score?

We Answered:

Yes, they help. But the best preparation is reading, writing, and arithmetic. Basics that you should cover in school. Some people never study for these tests and still ace them. The books help, but they are only to increase your score on a couple of questions, not to help with everything. Hope that makes sense.

Larry Said:

How are text books/ study books for courses determined?

We Answered:

It depends on the individual departments, even within the same university umbrella. A lot of times for large intro courses they like to use the same textbook across multiple sections for purposes of uniformity. These decisions are usually made by the department chair as instructors for lower intro courses normally rotate. For upper division or higher-level courses, it's normal for the instructor to choose the text without any red tape. Hence, if your prof wrote a book on marketing and he's teaching marketing, chances are you'll be required to buy their book. Otherwise, book publishers flood instructors with sample texts so they basically just choose and pick what they think is best based on their experience and assessment. Sometimes economics comes into play these days, with a prof purposely choosing a book that's on the cheaper side.

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