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How To Study For School

Andy Said:

Why is it so hard to study and memorize this school work?

We Answered:

To give a one word answer its LOVE.
You enjoying hearing songs, on the other hand u hate text-books.Try to understand every bit,u will see ur understanding capabilities will take a leap.

Kelly Said:

How can a sophomore in high school study for Computer Science Engineering?

We Answered:

One of the requirements for a computer science or computer engineering degree usually involves calculus.

For general career information: and can search 'computer software engineers', 'computer scientists' or such.

For US colleges:

Here is a website in which former students may post about their experience at college: and can type the name of the school into search and then click 'comments' if there are any.

Louise Said:

What school should i go to for art?

We Answered:

Pratt was where Pam went on the Office, in case that sways your vote. :-)

Raul Said:

Why are the english novels that students study in school so antiquated, depressing and boring?

We Answered:

Some things never change. Galsworthy.....ughhh. Try a little Tom Robbins for your free time reading. There are some decent 20th century authors.

Brad Said:

How I can live and work in Prague in Czech Republic? and czech study school for foreigner?

We Answered:

The website created about the Czech Republic explains everything you need to know…

Good Luck!!!

Cheryl Said:

Does anyone know how to go about applying to Rotary for high school study abroad?

We Answered:

First, you need to go to a Rotary Club website for a location near you. I emailed my Rotary Club and they emailed me back with all the info. They even left their phone number. Heck the director even called me to ask questions and to make sure I know what to do...They are very helpful...

Bessie Said:

How do i find a scholarship????Get free study & school money?

We Answered:

go to school financial aid office
they will know all the tricks

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